You must be having a dream wedding in your mind, however planning for that dreamy wedding might be overwhelming. It all sounds stressful; you don’t know what to plan first, then the next and how to hire people for the said tasks. Well, easier said than done, don’t stress out yourself. It is your day, and it has to be special, worry-free, and relaxed. You should be in a clear, calm mental state to relish on each of the unique moments that the day offers. So, here is a quick, comprehensive guide to your dreamy wedding with full zeal and enthusiasm. 

  • Create a concrete plan and budget 

Wedding magazines, social media channels, and books are a great source of inspiration to plan your wedding, but accept that everything is not actionable. So, write down how your dream wedding should look like, how it should be unique, and still fit into your budget. Discuss with your partner and your family members and seek valuable opinions. You can even create a fun vision board of your dreamy wedding with cut-out pictures and invitations from the internet. Clarity is essential for which planning out is the first step. 

  • Prepare guests’ list and invitations

It could be an intimate wedding or a grand event. You ought to prepare a list of guests by asking parents of both sides. Keep it ready and handy so that you can send invitations accordingly. Beautiful paper patterns, striking shapes, and folds are trending invitations these days. Think something unique instead of the formal reception cards. On the same parlance, don’t forget the digitized invitations. You can event choose the digitized ones to save paper and go green. Of course, you can play more with the colors and styles with digital invitation cards. 

  • Ceremony and Reception 

Again, there are numerous questions to be answered in this step. Where do you prefer to have the wedding ceremony or a reception? Do you belong to any specific church or community? When you are done with ceremony planning, you can move towards the reception. Receptions are a great way to blend the couple’s personality into the event and making it more personal and divine. A cost-saving tip is to organize the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. Yes, you can certainly change the themes as you like. You will save plenty of expenses. Even the guests won’t be confused in finding out another location. 

  • Celebrant 

We are tied up with our office schedules and commitments. It becomes cumbersome to plan out each task and errand involved in the wedding. In that case, you can appoint a wedding celebrant in melbourne who will take care of all the intricacies involved. A wedding celebrant does not put the tasks into action but offers a personalized touch to your ceremony. He/she understands your requirements in detail and helps you build your wedding day right from scratch. You can find the best, skilled ones online, and as same sex marriage celebrant. 

  • Music and Décor 

When it comes to wedding music, personal favorites are highly recommended. Choose compelling music that creates bonding between your guests. You can even arrange for short dances in which everyone can participate wholeheartedly. DJs are trendy, but you can hire them for the reception night. A band is an excellent idea during dinners or cocktail sessions. Go for the light, pleasant tunes. Hot flower combinations, soft hues, flower arrangements and bouquets, tabletops, cutlery, candles – all can form an exotic wedding décor. If your venue has sufficient plants, then you can have a natural, green décor instead of placing something artificial. 

  • Photography 

A significant step to hire a skilled, experienced photographer to capture the special moments of your wedding day and reception. Check out the wedding trends, varied styles, and themes, and make sure your photographer is an expert in the same. Appointing a wedding photographer is a bit costly, so try to grab a package with the pre-wedding and after-wedding shots. So, you can enjoy an extravagant and picture-perfect wedding when you follow all the steps given in this guide meticulously. We also suggest you do maximum research online and discuss with your partner to make your romantic wedding happen.