Does your school times come running to your mind when you hear the word uniform? Then you might also remember how shapeless and loose outfits they were which did nothing to make us look better. But corporates have decided to step up by developing a creative design or so called “designer uniforms” for a more appealing look and banish the stigma surrounding it. Here are 7 tips that will help you custom design your uniforms.

  1. Introduce alternatives for the shirt

Women prefer blouse over shirts with collars. This can be a better alternative for women. An elegant blouse in chiffon or any similar flowing fabric makes the best alternative for shirts. Also, focus on color contrast to make the uniform capsule interesting and to be the trend. Men can also be given freedom if they have trouble with wearing shirts. This is mentioned in the next topic. Rewrite the history of boring uniforms and create something that people look forward to wearing. 

  1. Add custom polo

Corporate life needs a good approach on formal dressing but at the same time, you can introduce some custom polo from the high-end cotton range to the uniform capsule for days with no important meeting and when the employees have to spend their whole day at the desk. This provides a sense of ease and increases productivity as there will be no distraction on the terms of clothing because of a comfortable alternative. 

  1. Add an element that can stand out

Sometimes the corporates prefer the normal formal workwear uniforms but adding an extra element can make it stand out and easily recognizable from the rest. You can check out Brisbane embroidery for some inspiration on adding elements to the uniform. There is also a new trend of adding badges to your uniform for a more cool look. Including badges is probably inspired by all uniforms in the army.

  1. Add chinos to the uniform

Chinos are comfortable cloth material for pants after pajamas. They, when worn with a polo shirt can look very natural and smart. The fabric is good with your skin and does not cause any irritation. Since polo shirts have already been decided, thrown on some chinos and your customized uniform is ready to go. 

  1. Choose contrasting colors

When it comes to custom designing uniforms, you need to keep an eye on coming up with contrasting colors. Using a single color is very simple. Experiment with different colors as well as patterns to achieve the look you are searching for. Contrasting colors add an interesting look and make the person carrying it looks better than a simple single color uniform. 

  1. Do not compromise the quality

Go for the high-quality uniform because a uniform needs to be worn every day and needs to last for a minimum of 12 to 18 months. This boosts confidence and feels good about it. Good quality is very essential and cannot be compromised. 

  1. Size matters the most

Be sure to get tall and short sizes that fit people of different sizes perfectly instead of going with the same size for everyone and leaving it up to them. Having the right size is the first step in achieving comfortability. This also creates employees a willingness to participate in the company’s idea of having casual uniforms. Introducing a more casual option can get employees to be more comfortable wearing them. Make it flexible on different days of the week so that they can dress up to the occasion. Some companies follow different uniforms on regular days and better designs on special events and meetings with clients. There are several custom uniform making ideas that you can get with dedicated research and consulting with a designer if your organization is planning on spending a good amount of making the perfect uniform for their employees. Do not compromise on quality and style and make sure to leave a good impression. You can check out cabin crew uniforms of different airlines which are always competitive and elegant.