It’s your wedding — smile — click! Hey, here’s your boss on stage to greet you — time for an ear to ear grin, and there goes another click! Now hold hands of your spouse, look into the camera and here’s another shot! Similarly, there’ll be more pictures with clients, friends, family, scores concentrating on you alone, some with your partner and some when you mingle with the guests! But for all, you’ll have to look into the camera, adjust your dress, and smile accordingly! Oh Gosh!!  This is too boring!!! You may be on your nerves at the end of it! And this, by the way, is your traditional wedding photography!

You did book a wedding photographer to click your marriage pictures, but going through such an ordeal for the same, is too demanding! Plus, the pictures would be so monotonous — the same that each second couple would be having in their marriage album. What’s new in this? But for something new, my dear, you have to hop from traditional to candid on your wedding day!

Why’s candid wedding photography such a hot thing in the recent wedding season?

You did have a certain fairy-tale and movie-like picture in your mind for your wedding when you booked Ela Photography in Wollongong as wedding photographer for your big day! And she obviously has the skill and the eye to turn your dream into reality through her camera lenses. Just go for candid photography for your wedding ceremony, and get all the below listed benefits along with it!

  • Real life memories captured — Well, candid literally means real or truthful! So, the pictures here would be a true story of each of your moment from the wedding. You won’t even know, but the expert photographer would be capturing the true essence of your wedding all in the camera. This would be presented to you later, and you’ll love to relive those happy, emotional moments again through the pictures.
  • Relaxed atmosphere — When you are opting for candid photography, you don’t have to lose your calories sitting and standing again for the poses during the entire function. Also, those fake smiles and the stress of looking straight into the camera to get a proper eyeball clicked are vanished! You can just relax and enjoy the wedding party, and the photographer enjoys capturing the special moments naturally.
  • Everything is covered — Most often, you and the photographer are stuck to get those innumerable planned poses clicked and photographing each guest meeting you personally, while the rest of the party gets neglected. You have absolutely no memory of your in-laws dancing and the party favours being distributed, etc. While in candid photography, each moment is of great significance, and thus the photographer captures you and the others at the function at various corners covering it all!
  • The pictures come out better — Since its all natural and there’s no manipulative smiles and tears, even the beauty of these pictures is wonderful. This can be seen when the pictures come out and are far better than the traditionally clicked photos. The spontaneous laughs, the genuine apprehension and even the indulging love between the newlyweds can be actually seen reflected in those candid images. 

Candid photography captures the unguarded emotions in a wedding ceremony. And believe us, the results of these “off the guard” reactions in a camera can be mesmerising in every sense!