It’s been a busy few days here as we finally wind down for the summer holidays. My husband is a teacher, so our lives revolve around school timetables. This year for the first time Neil hasn’t arranged other jobs for him to do so we have been able to plan exciting things with a full 6 weeks ahead of us to spend just the three of us (plus bump). The first summer activity we booked was the The Big Feastival. We won tickets to it several years ago when it was held on Clapham Common, pre baby, and had such a relaxing and memorable time. This year it is being held in the Cotswolds on Saturday the 31st August and Sunday 1st September. We have decided to go on the Sunday which is actually the last day of the holidays before school starts again. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like going with a child, rather than as a couple, but really it looks perfectly set up for Children with the Little Dudes Den and access to the Cotswolds Farm Park.

Summer Vacation Plan

Oh and did I mention that Justin, aka Mr Tumble will also be there on the Sunday (I think a part of the 25 year old inside me just died as I typed that) Needless to say the food and music will keep Neil and I happy whilst Nye can dance, draw and be entertained by all the activities going on.  I am also ecstatic to have finally booked our first family holiday abroad. In late August we will all be heading off to Normandy in the company of great friends, to stay at my dads wonderful house there. It only works out as 4 days but the idea of showing Nye new places and emersing him in new languages and food is really exciting. I can only hope, as I look our the window on todays sunshine that the weather will be kind to us. Our last holiday was our wonderful Center Parcs weekend break, and before that our babymoon. So I’m pleased to see regular holidays coming back in to our lives. Holidays are certainly a luxury for us, we’d never enjoy ‘getting away’ from everything if we knew we couldn’t afford to do it. So, here’s to hoping we can keep saving those pennies. The house is based in a small village in the Calvados region and I am already planning a trip to the zoo I went to with my dad many many years ago. However, my main focus will just be lovely food (lots of patisserie shopping), in relaxing and sunny surrounds.