Many homeowners out there believe that cleaning rugs are the same as cleaning carpets. They believe that using a simple vacuum cleaner would be enough to clean either of them, in a matter of seconds. But, contrary to popular beliefs, cleaning a rug in the same way as a carpet can essentially lead to the damage of the rug. 

Therefore, as a responsible homeowner, you should learn the differences between cleaning a carpet and a rug, which in-turn will assist you in extending life for both of the products. Keeping that in mind, we’re sharing the major differences that should be followed when cleaning a rug versus cleaning a carpet – with the help of antique rug cleaning services. 

Rugs vs Carpets: Major Differences To Consider

  • The Construction

One of the biggest differences that separate between a rug and a carpet is the overall build quality and the materials from what they are constructed. It should be noted that rugs are generally designed to be mobile (or portable) while carpets are meant to keep it at one place. 

There are also various types of rugs available in the market currently, with each of their types of construction mechanisms. Therefore, not every rug can be treated in the same manner. Each type of rug material will need its type of unique care. 

  • The Fringe

The fringe is defined as the ornamental border present in rugs. You cannot find fringes on carpets. But, it should be noted that fringes are typically fragile and therefore can be easily destroyed by using a vacuum cleaner over it. Therefore, you need to take special care when cleaning your rug, when compared to your carpet, otherwise, you may damage the carpet’s fringe.

  • The Fibre

Compared to carpets, rugs are made from a much denser pile of fibres. What this means is that the fibres will be placed much closer to each other than a carpet, thereby giving dirt & dust the perfect opportunity to get trapped in-between them. Therefore, the dirt & dust tends to settle at the base of the rug, where your vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach. Therefore, at times like these, you need the help of professional rug cleaners to be able to combat such an issue.

  • The Colour Bleeding

It should be noted that most carpets are made from single colour designs, which means that if there’s any colour bleed during washing, it won’t be ruined. On the other hand, rugs come with intricate patterns on them and therefore, if care not taken when cleaning them – any colour bleed may render the whole rug useless. Thus, most of the time you need to opt for professional rug cleaning services, because your cleaning solution won’t be able to perform the task.