1.35 million! That’s not the sum of money your neigh bourhood downtown casino is offering as jackpot amount, but the death rate of individuals dying out of car accidents each year! (according to a study held in December 2018) Reason to which, in most cases, is human error! Humans are prone to mistake no doubt; but when these mistakes can be avoided, committing them can be a serious crime! Your life (and also that of others) and car are of optimum importance to you and everybody around you, you just don’t want to lose both because of some mistakes that you could have otherwise avoided.

Car accidents have been a common disaster since the day the vehicle was invented. While the increasing technological and digital revolution provided various measures to control it, so has it added drastic flaws which cost people’s life too! For example, if music system was created to relieve some stress for the driver while he’s driving, it’s also been one of the prominent reasons that can cause a mind diversion of the driver (turning the system on and off too often, concentrating more on the music than on the road) and can cause serious accidents too. The best way to stay away from such issues is to be aware of these and later avoid the same.

These mistakes in the driver’s seat that may cost you your life

Your life is precious and so is of other drivers on the lane too! Your single silly mistake on the lane may sometimes cost you your well being and often lives of others driving around you. Thus, it’s very important to follow these rules after you take up your training from some good Driving School at Frankston. Your Local Driving Academy is one school that ensures that you are trained well in driving under the supervision of some best and experienced teachers. They assure the best driving lessons imparted to the trainees with proper practise.

Regular check of your BLOWBAGETS— BLOWBAGETS is vast term in driving that includes thorough checking of battery, light, oil, water, brake, gas, engine, tyres and self. Checking these regularly and especially before setting out to drive is a must for your safety and the car’s as well. Never ignore the warning signs that any of these parts of your car shows. For example, a flat tyre or loud groan in the engine, a tightened brake or lack of oil in a car can start from giving small hiccups, and later can turn out into a huge disaster for the driver.

Buckle it well — The constant reminders in the form of signs and advertisements for buckling up seat belt aren’t just for watching, they matter! This is one of the most violated laws! Most of the drivers ignore it, and also this is one of the prominent reasons of deaths during accidents too. That is the reason why every Driving School in Pakenham will guide you to secure your seat-belt well before starting your journey. This clasping can take seconds and in return give you protection that’s worth years. It’s advisable for not only drivers, but also for all the passengers aboard to buckle up before the vehicle roars to life. For children, there should be special baby seats installed in the cars for better safety, and if they have outgrown that stage, always remember to buckle them too.

Avoid overtaking too much — While we understand your hurry to reach somewhere, and the other drivers at the lanes not seeming to share your rush, it isn’t wise at all to overtake constantly on the roads. Overtaking perfectly does need a lot of driving experience and amateurs should certainly avoid it. Apart from that, with constant overtaking you become overconfident and may miss out the next time leading to a dangerous mishap for both the car overtaken and yours as well. This goes for tackling the huge vehicles like bus or trucks too. A little misjudgement on your part and you may never be able to drive again.

Turning mistakes — Taking a turn without turning on the indicator sign may result in the biggest unfortunate experience of your life! The drivers behind you can’t read your mind and certainly wouldn’t know what you are up to if you don’t signal them! This single missed out mistake can be crucial both for you and God knows how many more. It’s better to use the indicator lights well and ignore such kind of mistakes. These are the most hazardous mistakes while driving. And some equally dangerous ones are drinking and driving, texting while driving, turning away your eyes and mind from the road, over-speeding, etc. — which we all are well aware of, but still continue to commit! These mistakes are deadly for a driver! It’s better to avoid these slips rather than lose your life because of them!