Congratulations! You finally found the one worth a date. And no matter what the outcome of it maybe, the first date is never forgotten. And most of the time, couples prefer to meet at a super cool and romantic restaurant for their first date. We like the idea! But ensure that the restaurant you pick is as special as your occasion and can make your bae feel good too.

How to Fix the Restaurant Best Suited for Your First Date?

We are sure, your friends would have peppered you with names of a dozen best restaurants in Whangarei. But Nectar Café is voted as the most popular and favourite in the town. Why? Because of their great services, scrumptious food and classic ambience. And if you want to know how to find such an awesome restaurant for your first date, keep reading!

  • Pick a restaurant that would serve food that you both like — Though it’s your first date and you will be having more butterflies in your tummy than food, but you just couldn’t decide a restaurant without paying attention to the food! Find a common favourite cuisine. If you can’t find a mutually preferred cuisine, then plan your meet-up at a bar or café with cosy ambiance and delectable nibbles.
  • Keep an eye on the price list — You will easily find a menu of all the restaurants on the Internet. Check the prices listed in their menu and decide on the one that fits your budget.
  • Never ignore the ambience — Never ignore checking the ambience of a restaurant before zeroing on it. Naturally, it’s your first date and you shall want everything happy and pleasant around you – too jarring music or very curious stewards could make either of you feel uncomfortable and disrupt your conversation. After all, it is the connection that matters!
  • Easy to reach — Whether you are going to drive your date, or you would meet at the destination directly, ensure it’s easily reachable for both of you. You definitely don’t want to drain all those coffee cups (and energy!) as you wait for your date to arrive!
  • Check the online reviews without fail — You shall find lots of websites and blogs describing the ambiance, services, and food (and drinks too!) of every restaurant in town – with minutest details. Apart from these, even the restaurant’s website has some reviews. Read to know what to expect and also to be aware of the USP of the place.
  • Check for reservations — Sometimes everything in a restaurant is perfect but either they are fully booked on your preferred day or there is a large queue to get a table. Spoiler for sure!  You can easily make prior reservations and enjoy your time here. Tip them about the occasion, and they shall surely make your table decked up to help you impress your date.

Now that the crucial task of checking and booking a perfect restaurant is done for your first date, just dress your best, get some flowers and be ready to welcome your crush in a fabulous environment. The good food, wine and private sweet talks can then follow unhindered!