Finally, you braved to explore distant horizons in your caravan. We know how excited you are! After all, an adventure trip in itself is a premium experience. And when you move along with your caravan,  you almost carry with you the comforts of your home.  What else could a wanderlust soul like you ask for? But to ensure a completely satisfactory first caravan journey, check it well before hitting the road!

Important Things to Check Before You Go on a Caravan Journey!

If you have your own caravan for the journey, it’s great! But if you desire to go on a caravan journey and aspire to buy it soon, then in NZ, check caravans for sale from Leisure Shed. They bring you the best of these vehicles at the most reasonable rates — and so you can fulfil your dream of travelling in the comfort of a caravan. But again, before setting out, do check these factors:

  • Check the tyre pressure of the car and the caravan — Throughout the journey you’ll require both your car and the caravan to move swiftly. Ensure its tyre pressure is up to the mark and also don’t forget a spare wheel for any emergency later.
  • Clean the mould and mildew thoroughly — Your caravan has a lot of moisture in it due to the presence of washroom — and also because of the closed quarters. Mould and mildew build-up is natural in this condition. Do check for it and clean the same thoroughly before the journey. If it’s a new caravan, just a regular dry sanitisation would be needed before starting.
  • Check the LPG gas cylinder— Your LPG gas cylinder in the caravan needs to be properly tightened before the journey. Also, be sure to tightly strap the same in an upright position. Even the slightest mistake  here can lead to leakage of gas and even fire.
  • Keep the water tankers empty — Before going on the road with the caravan, ensure that your water tanks are all empty. If you need water urgently for the journey, carry it in a tight container that doesn’t have any chance of spilling.
  • Secure all the loose items in the caravan — All the loose items in your caravan need to be tightly held and strapped to prevent their falling or breakage. You should also lock the windows and doors properly before moving on the road.
  • Thoroughly check your hitching mechanism — Always position your electronic manoeuvring device to hitch the caravan properly. You’ll find light indicators in the modern hitching mechanism that will ensure complete safety of your caravan.
  • Check the lights and review-mirror of the caravan — Before moving out, always position your review mirror in such a way that it gives you the best rear view of the caravan. Ensuring the proper working of the road lights is also crucial to prevent any accidents on the road.

Apart from all these, refrain from carrying extra items in your journey – travelling light is always recommended – but ensure to have the essentials handy. With everything stated above thoroughly checked, your first caravan journey is going to be just the beginning of many more awesome ones for you!