There was once a time when marriage was believed to be sacred. For the most part, it still continues to be! But there often arise situations when this union has to be given second thoughts. Also, the commitment level of everyone in a relationship may not be the same. In such cases, rifts are inevitable. Whatever the situation is, we cannot deny the feelings and emotions attached to this relationship. There is always so much to discover when you tie the knot. Lots of hopes envelop your heart when you take vows! So many promises to keep when you seal the marriage with that kiss! The emotional attachment to this relationship and your partner is but natural! 

That is why when the time arrives when the spouses just can’t stand each other anymore, it becomes the toughest time of life for them both (and often even for the family, especially if they have children). The relation at this time becomes an ordeal, and it takes more than just some assurances to convince both the persons involved to calm down and give each other another chance. Anything that could work is tried at this hour to save the beautiful relationship and restore its charm again.

How to Save a Marriage

We know divorces can be stressful, and heart breaking too. That is why it is important to try your level best and not let your beautiful relationship end in such a harsh way. We know it takes a lot of effort and patience, but it would never harm to try and give your relationship that one last chance to bring the spark back. Let’s read about the best ways to save your marriage from crumbling:

    • Marriage Counselling —One of the most trusted ways to save a relationship is marriage counselling. It’s a basic procedure wherein the spouses are called upon by a counsellor who is entirely neutral in his/her judgement. She/he tries to speak, discuss and solve the issues between the couple. The expertise with which these counsellors deal with the couple and the solutions that they suggest work most of the times, and the couple may find peace and happiness again in togetherness. If you think your marriage is breaking badly, try and convince your partner to visit a good clinic providing the best marriage counselling in Adelaide. Therapia Counselling are great for addressing such issues exceptionally well and giving their best services to keep the couple glued together for years to come.
    • Space — Space is really important in any relationship. Most of the times, the fights lead to divorce because of too much of a burden in a relationship. It’s therefore very important to give each other some space. Try not to question too much in each other’s matter. Avoid checking those phone messages and calls and keep all the insecurities away from your mind. Be sure to spend some of your time with your other friends too, and talk about neutral topics instead of each other’s life. If you grant enough personal space to each other, we are sure you would feel less caged in a relationship, and your marriage can breathe better.
    • Second Honeymoon— If you think you are just shattering up and nothing at all works, reminiscing the old times often does bring back the magic. It would be really great to turn those old pages of your newly married status together, and relive those moments again. You can take a break from the clutter around you and set off for a second honeymoon together. Though, in the beginning, it may seem to be tough adjusting to one another after so many fights, but as and when you explore those places again together, that magic can be created once again! And who knows you’ll fall in love with one another again!
    • Give Yourself Some Time— It’s not always wise to hurry for an instant divorce. You may start hating each other so much that you wouldn’t be able to bear each other’s faces, but it’s still not right to file a divorce at that very instant. You can give your relationship a last try by giving each other some time to think over the decision. You can stay apart and see if you miss each other or you can simply stop communicating for some days and give yourself some space in this way. Also, the days in between can be utilised for going over all the issues you had over time, and assess what actually went wrong in this phase. A proper decision would come out if you think over the issues in a calm state of mind.

Marriages are made in heaven, but have to bear all the cruelty of this world in order to remain intact till eternity. Often love seems evasive, and the wear and tear too real. We know it’s tough, but still if you are still hopeful, nothing can come in your way.