Family trips are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, leaving behind daily routines and responsibilities. However, it’s important that you ensure your children are safe on your journey, especially when traveling abroad. Before your embark on your next vacation with the kids, consider the following tips for safe, stress-free family travel.

Do Your Research

Before you leave, make sure that you have all of the essentials to keep your kids healthy. You should check with your doctor if you and your family are traveling internationally to make sure that your children have all of the proper shots and medications they may need. Take all essential medical items in the carry-on bag. This way, you’ll be prepared for any type of emergency that may occur. The American Academy of Pediatrics also suggested finding out if there are any health issues within your destination caused by mosquitos, as this is becoming increasingly prevalent and simply bringing along a can of bug spray can prevent a serious illness. It’s also important to book a hotel that is kid-friendly and safe. According to Child Safe Tourism, there are hotels that work specifically to create a safe environment for children when traveling to less developed countries. This goes for tours and businesses too.

Keep A Close Watch

It can be tempting if you’re on the beach to close your eyes and let the warm sun soothe you to sleep. However, it’s crucial that you don’t doze off or leave your kids unattended, particularly in areas near the water. According to Airsafe, this is true even on airplanes, as children are prone to wander no matter where they are. It can even help to seat your child away from the aisle to prevent the chances they will venture away from you. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration advised that children under 40 pounds are kept in a child safety restraint system on an airplane. Children over 2-years-old can stay on your lap, but there must be a restraint system to keep them secure during turbulence.

Take Every Precaution – No Matter How Small

Escort your child everywhere, whether it’s from the beach chair to the water or to the restaurant bathroom, for no matter how small the distance may seem, it’s best to recognize that there are hazards everywhere. Make sure that you have them close to you in your hotel where there are nearby stairways or balconies as well. You can also avoid potential hazards by bringing along toys that aren’t sharp and don’t easily break, according to Airsafe.