Joggers are the new and better version of sweatpants that is just about right for a casual outing or workout. They are comfortable and cropped to allow easy movement. Joggers are non-complicated but stylish and probably never going to go out of style because of the comfort it can provide for long hours. Here are some ways on how you can style jogger pants for an awesome look. 

  1. Tees

Tees are the best combination you can try with joggers. They are the coolest combination with proper joggers. Be careful about the fitting and the material if you have to deal with an irregular shape. Go for chino material. Tees of light shades will look better as joggers always come in black or heather grey. Velour trackpants are now out with the rich look of silk and extra comfort. Try tees with these jogger pants for being a trendsetter. Graphic or designer tees can help you with this look. 

  1. Complete white

White slender joggers with a white fitting sweatshirt with similar prints can give you a classy and rich look. They are cozy and sporty look. You can now see many celebrities adapt to this new look with a messy bun and sneakers. They can be your perfect Friday night movie outfit or for a lazy Saturday.

  1. Camos

Camos with a denim jacket can never go out of style. This classic combo can be worn with an army print joggers. You can always style your look with a camo-denim combination. To get more definition to your look, try plaid shirt and accessorize with your mood. This will look great for a casual evening out with friends. 

  1. Bright joggers

Add color to your outfit with some bright and colorful joggers. Red, blue and all sorts of colors are available now which can be topped with a nice crop top for a mellow down look with your joggers. Some many attractive colors and prints are trending currently and it has become an unavoidable part of men’s wear nowadays. 

  1. Oversized

If you are in the mood for a grungy look, pair up your joggers with an oversized t-shirt with your favorite rock-band on it. Combat boots and a bomber jacket can completely kill the look with a small cross-body bag. During winters, you can go for an off-shoulder or front open cardigan with your favorite scarf. 

  1. Sweaters

Joggers can be worn with anything and everything and you can escape from the judgemental eyes of properly dressed people with some tricks. During winters, try pairing your joggers with a sweater and add a scarf to complete the look with a nice pair of sneakers. Velvet tracks and a nice sweater can get a lot of attention and compliments for their rich and elegant look. You can also try tunics or off-shoulder denim if you want to have a posh look. 

  1. Black Monochrome

Just like all whites, you can go for an all-black look with a nice black cap and a cool and handy bag. This also gives a similarly classy and rich look in your everyday look. This can give you chic look effortlessly. This look can be called as the basic but most classy of all look that you can pull off with joggers. Tuck the sweatshirt in for a more attractive look. You can also accessorize or make beachy waves with your hair and leave it open. 

  1. Ripped or distressed joggers

The ripped pattern has found its way into joggers too. If you are planning to wear ripped or distressed joggers go with a simple and plain t-shirt as there is a lot to neutralize with your joggers. This look has become one of the most trendsetters look if you kick in a good pair of sneakers. If you cannot leave denim, there are denim jogger pants that are now available. They also come in ripped or sometimes with different thread work patterns which makes it unique which you can wear with a nice and bright crop top.