How People Behave In Inter-Personal RelationshipsInter-Personal relationships are based on forming groups of like minded people. The people in the group might be happy with one another or might pretend to be happy. The caretaker of the group or the most dominant person of the group leads the group towards the goal of unity. Such groups can be found in families, business, religious and social life too. It is very important to understand how people behave in Inter-Personal relationships because that makes a perfect and stable group.
Understanding How People Behave in Inter-Personal Relationships
It is always good to be in groups because that is what we learn from nature. The animals also move together in herds to protect themselves from the attackers. There is great power in being together and thus it is necessary to understand the behavior of people in Inter-Personal relationships. So, let’s understand it now.

Submissive Attitude of Members
In Inter-Personal relationships, the members of the group wait for the most dominating person to take decisions. The members of the group believe that the leader or the head of their group or family is most wise person to lead them towards goodness and life.
For example: The Pastor of the church leads the people in such a way that they may find love, peace and unity in their life. The Pastor teaches them to be united in the church and gives them teaching for the same. How does this happen? It can work only with the submissive attitude of the members. If the members are not submissive towards the group leader then the group of the members will go astray. Thus, the people in the Inter-Personal relationships are submissive towards one strong member.

Dedication Towards Members
It is quite possible that some members of the family are not submissive, however, the head of the family is always 100% dedicated towards the welfare of the family. The elders of the family like the grandfather or the elder uncle gets all the importance of being most experienced in the family. Also, the Pastor of the church needs to be fully dedicated towards the members of the church. Many times, the Pastor has to forget his or her own life in order to bring happiness amongst the church members. That is dedication! So, we understand that dedication is very important behavior in the life of the Inter-Personal relationships.

Unity Amongst Members
Is there anything better than unity in this world? Well, unity means being one! If the members of the family, groups, political parties, countries and the world are one then this life will be a dream world, isn’t it? Unity in the Inter-Personal relationships begins with the individuals.

Unity Amongst Members
Some people in these relationships are always against one another; however, they pretend to be untied. That doesn’t work successfully because the truth of the hearts of such people is revealed. That results in destruction of the relationships. Maintaining the unity is very important and it is the responsibility of all in the relationships. Some Inter-Personal relationships are so strong that it is impossible for others to destruct them or separate them. Well, that is known as perfect unity.

Having Same Interests
It is very important to have like minded people in the Inter-Personal relationships. The same interests and like minded thinking brings them closer and keeps them together. Having same teachings, same thoughts and same aims are very important in these relationships. Believing in the same theories and same teachings makes them choose the same path in their life. For example: the children of the family have the same thinking and same teachings from the elders of the family. They form a perfect group because they are nurtured in the same environment. Also, the people of a specific group or party have same goal because they are the people with similar thinking. Thus, we understand that the people in the Inter-Personal relationships have same interests that keep them together.

Helping one Another
We generally see that the members of the groups find life very easy and simple. The reason for that is the helping attitude of the members of the group. Even if one member gets hurts or lack anything, the others come for immediate help. The Inter-Personal relationships are a great example of living the life in unity, harmony, love, care and peace.
They never lack anything because the members share the feelings, shelter, materialistic things and spiritual teachings too. We see that the unity in a family always results in protection of the women and the children of the family. The team in any sports, the people of the country and the people of the world also get the same help when they are a part of the Inter-Personal relationships. It is always good to be a part of such relationships because that is a great example of the good, kind and merciful mankind.

Inter-Personal Relationships at Work
We love to be our own boss! Thus, it is necessary to understand the importance of Inter-Personal relationships at work. The boss does his duty of controlling the employees, however, the employees are never ready to work as per his orders. Well, in the Inter-Personal relationships, one needs to be dedicated leader and others have to be 100% submissive towards the leader. This applies in the office or the workplace too. If this relationship works well, then, it results in 100% progress and growth of all.

Effective Inter-Personal relationships
There are many types of Inter-Personal relationships and all of them behave in the same manner. They care, they protect, they have the same thinking and the same goals too. Even the drug addicts have the Inter-Personal relationships! Inter-Personal relationships at work, the homosexuals, the politicians, the sports team, college groups, family members, terrorists, animal lovers, nature lovers, religious groups and peace lovers are some examples of the relationships. They live together, think together and take decisions together. However, they remain separated from the people of the world. Since they are internally connected to one another and effective, they hardly feel the need of looking at the outside world.

God and the World
We are in an Inter-Personal relationship with God. Did you ever know that? The behavior of the Inter-Personal relationships is beneficial for the members; however, it can create differences between several other relationships. Due to this, those who love to live an independent life form the Inter-Personal relationships within their own heart. Such people are very rare, but are always connected to God. God becomes their leader, guide and caretaker. They are submissive to God all the time and look towards Him for help. In return, God gives them all they want. So, if you have understood how people behave in inter-personal relationships, then, you can take the right step of being in the right relationship today!