Being the best man comes along with a plate full of tasks. Know your importance to understand the critical job that you have ahead of yourself. It is your best mate’s most significant day of his life. He is directly dependent on you; from helping him with the wedding preps to being an emotional support to him. You have to make sure that he is not stressed and doesn’t plan to run off from the ceremony. Do what your title signifies; be the “best” man at the wedding. Read on to know what your responsibilities are:

Best Man Responsibilities

  • Wedding preps

As already mentioned above, you have to be completely involved in the wedding preps. Yes, you heard correctly! You have to help your bloke select a beautiful ring, find him a fitting tuxedo that makes him look dashing and handsome, coordinate with the bride’s side to make sure everything is in order, double check the decor at the venue and invite all the guests from the groom side carefully. All hands full, right? Wait, there’s more!

  • Emotional support

What will you do if your mate runs off before the wedding day? Yes, that could happen! Imagine the stress that he’s under and the responsibilities that are gonna come his way. It does encourage rash, stupid decisions. You have to be there with him at every step of the way. If he needs someone to boost his confidence, it should be you, and if he wants to shed off some tension, you have to sit him down, open a couple of beers, and just let the man vent. Be the emotional support that he will never ask for! Always remember: Everyone has weak moments!

  • Stag do

Let’s discuss about the single life farewell party that you are supposed to throw for your mate. Forgot about it already? As the best man, you have to plan a stag party; be it a weekend or an entire week of partying. Select some of his desired places from a long list of stag do destinations that are suitable for y’all. If you are struggling between a Sydney hens party or a Berlin hens party, then choose the latter because hens party in Sydney are much more exciting and thrilling than the former option. Invite the lads, book the tickets, finalise the budget and accordingly, the attractions and activities that y’all would like to do. Expert tip: Don’t forget your stag outfits to create unforgettable memories on your trip! It will be his last weekend as a single lad, so make sure it’s wild and adventurous enough to blow his mind off.

  • Ring bearer, the speech and the vows

Who will be the ring bearer at the wedding? Apart from walking the aisle with the maid-of-honour, you might have to be the ring bearer as well. Don’t just stand there with the ring; help your mate in writing the wedding vows too. It ain’t an easy job to be a best man. The honour comes with unimaginable responsibilities. So, get on with it; help him scratch romantic lines on the paper. Those words should be lovely and pretty to sweep off the bride. You also have to prepare a speech for your best mate to ensure laughter among the crowd and tears of happiness in your mate’s eyes. Examples of Best man speeches  available at Stag Weekends prove that writing one ain’t an easy task. So dive down your memory lane to pick out hilarious and emotional memories of yourself and him.

  • Reception preps

Right after the wedding day, the reception party follows. Just like you have helped him with the wedding preparations, you need to help him with the reception party too. It does not need to be as special as the wedding day, but grander.

  • You Need To Be The “Man Of The Hour

Although it is your best friend’s wedding, you need to be the man of the hour by being at the front of everything. He cannot be entirely involved in the preps or anything because he has to look the best, which requires time. You also have to make sure all the guests know their tables, are enjoying the food and appreciating the decor throughout the wedding.