Are you dreaming about a vacation on the cruise? Wait a minute! That’s not going to be as simple as you are thinking. Traveling for a cruise is not as easy as moving to catch any bus or train. Arrangements, like getting to the ship punctually, or even getting to the hotel or airport after enjoying the cruise holiday, are some of the things you need to work on for a memorable trip. If you think merely catching a cab or taxi for moving towards the ship or hotel and airport is going to work, you surely lack the feature, cost-saving. No doubt, taxis are considered to be an ideal way of reaching your destinations, blindly trusting them is a bad option to go with. There are other options too that can be considered based on the place you are traveling.

Different options to reach your cruise port (To and FRO):

While making arrangements for your cruise vacation, here are some of the widely considered options to reach the cruise port in a cost-effective yet comfortable way without worrying about the burden of your luggage.

  • Taxis 

One of the most common options selected, taxis is accessible to avail facility which can be booked with merely a single call from the airport as well as the hotel. For families traveling with 3 to 4 members, taxis are considered to be an affordable traveling option. However, if the port is located at a distance of 1 hour or more, booking a taxi can be economically expensive. Again, it is not the best option for prominent families traveling with several bags of luggage. Also, communication with the driver is yet another trouble.

  • Cruise Shuttles 

Also termed as private cruise transports, this is among the most convenient way of reaching the cruise or the hotel and airport too. The luxurious ride serves you with door to door service, which eliminates the risk of not reaching the destination on time, getting lost on the unknown roads, or carrying your heavy luggage. Transportation from London to Southampton has become a lot easier with this service. Be it traveling alone, with family or in the group, and the cruise shuttles go well with all the options adding comfort to your trip. The only thing you need to worry about is the expensiveness it comes with.

  • Public Transports 

You can plan your transfer from Heathrow to Southampton using the famous and popular modes of public transport. Buses, trains, subways… These are the public transports you can look for to reach your cruise port or even the airports and hotels. The public transportations are the cheapest compared to other transfer means. However, apart from being affordable, they don’t provide any additional features to make your journey comfortable or exciting.
You will have to deal with your luggage on your own, walk to the place from where you can board them, crossroads, etc. as they would be steadily available at a particular pickup and drop point. So, choose this only if you are traveling single or in couple with less luggage.

  • Hotel Shuttles 

Various hotels provide pickup and drop services to the ports if you are planning to book a room there for overnight stay. Some hotels offer you a package that includes a stay in the hotel as well as a tour to the cruise. And the shuttle charges are always included in the box. For the hotels that don’t provide you with any such packages, they would charge you a particular amount for the shuttle which an excellent way to proceed if you are in a group with heavy luggage. The hotels not dealing with such packages would have very limited shuttles to the port, and hence, it may count on your money. Apart from all these, private vans or shared vans prove to be an excellent transfer to look for if you are travelling in big groups. All these options add to the cost-effectiveness in some way or the other to make your trip enjoyable. Does driving on your own excite you? If yes, you can also look for companies providing cars on rent that gives the complete control of reaching the destination and returning to you.