Many smaller retail clothing shops have to deal with space constraints and tight budgets. However, one thing you should never cut corners on is the way you present your clothing items. Interestingly, simply using the proper hangers for your items can make a great deal of difference for your retail store. Here is a look at why the types of hangers you use matter.

How the Wrong Hangers Can Affect Your Business

Choosing unsuitable hangers can say a lot about a retail store. Usually, what those hangers say is almost always negative. Note there’s a distinction between cheaply made hangers and affordable hangers that come from a group that sells in bulk, like wooden hanger suppliers. Cheap hangers look cheap and behave as one would expect a cheap hanger to behave. You will find yourself dealing with them breaking often and possibly doing damage to the garments you’re using them for. In addition, people can tell a cheap hanger from a quality one. Don’t underestimate your customers. People know that cheaply made hangers are not good for clothes, and they might think your store carries cheap merchandise as well. This is a huge reason why the types of hangers matter.

How the Wrong Hangers Can Affect Your Merchandise

As stated, the wrong hangers can actively cause damage and premature wear to your merchandise. They tend to not have the strength to hold up for too long, so you’ll find clothing often dropping to the floor. The wrong hangers can ruin the shape of whatever you hang on them. This can make your clothing look stretched, warped, and generally unappealing. If you’re hanging up things in your inventory space, the wrong hangers can cause your garments to become loose and ill-fitting before you even bring them out to the sales floor. These kinds of issues typically occur when using plastic or wire coat hangers with garments that require a more robust solution. One of the reasons why wooden hanger suppliers have grown in popularity is because more people now realize they need a sturdier type of hanger that won’t damage their nice clothes. Your retail space should make use of hangers that show you take pride in your wares and do your best to keep them in the best possible condition for your customers. Not all plastic and wire hangers are inherently bad for clothing. However, you need to know when these options will work best for your particular needs. In almost all cases, using wooden hanger suppliers will eliminate any guesswork when it comes to choosing the right hangers for your merchandise.

How the Wrong Hangers Can Cost You More Than You Bargained For

When you consider the lack of durability and potential damage the wrong hangers can cause, you’ll start to see how these hangars can actually cost you more over time. Starting out with quality hangers will ensure you can keep those hangers, reuse them, and let them work for you for a long time. Hangers from wooden hanger suppliers garner a lot of mention here because quality wooden hangers:

  • Aren’t flimsy or disposable
  • Help clothing maintain shape
  • Keep clothing from easily slipping off
  • Create a uniform look and feel throughout your store
  • Work well for long term storage of clothing

For these reasons and more, wood hangers tend to represent a far superior investment for clothing retailers than any other option. Other options exist as well, but wood hanger suppliers offer a product that can last a lifetime. These types of hangers also look better in general, which elevates the look of both your retail space and the clothing you have on display. As with all things, quality matters, even when choosing wooden hangers. Always choose wooden hanger suppliers that offer high-quality hangers such as those found at Butler Hangers. View their selection online to find your next trusted wooden hanger supplier!