E-cigarettes or vaping, as they are more popularly known, are often marketed as the safer alternative to actual cigarette smoking. Vaping comes with less harmful components than actual cigarette smoking and happen to currently available in several flavors. But most consumers are still unaware of what e-cigarettes or vaping is all about and if that includes you as well, then you need to read the rest of the article, as it will answer the several queries you may have on electronic cigarettes or vaping.


e-cigarettes are basically battery operated devices containing liquid nicotine and then the mixture is heated to provide you with the nicotine high or fix that you need. Initially, all the e-cigarettes used to feature the traditional cigarette shape and size. But now, the shape and size of the e-cigarette have transformed into a mold as well as the other shapes as well but the concept remains the same.  These e-cigarettes come with e-liquid which contains a concentration of nicotine, and as you light it up, it vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine enriched liquid, which results in you getting nicotine laced hit. It is often marketed as the safer alternative to cigarette smoking, though no detailed study has been done on the same yet. The liquid cartridge, containing the enriched nicotine, comes in various flavors and one that can be replaced easily, without any hassle. To know more, search online for wax liquidizer, and you should be able to access more information on e-cigarettes, vaping, etc.

Is it safe?

That seems to be the million dollar question as several of the e-cigarette companies often market their products as the safer alternative. The fact remains that neither detailed studies nor research has been done on the same but that being said, it is a fact that e-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco. And that makes them safer to cigarette smoking, in more ways than one – smoking tobacco,  can expose you to over 4000 chemicals and all of them happen to be highly toxic and whereas, with vaping, you can give this lot a miss. So, in a sense, these companies are partly right in claiming that e-cigarettes are the safer alternative to cigarette smoking. For example, you may want to Google Dyna Vap in UK to know more about vaping and the current variants that are available. You may also want to check out other makers and their e-cigarette brands as well, as this should provide you with a better idea as to what’s current and what’s available.


The other factor that you may want to consider is the overall cost; if you are addicted to smoking, then you may want to consider taking up e-cigarettes, as it is cheaper. Of course, there’s the fact that you would no longer have to inhale tobacco induced smoke or be exposed to over 4000 chemicals. You may need to pay a slightly higher rate for that first e-cigarette instrument, but the remaining e-cartridges are quite cheap. And when you work out the overall cost, you would find that e-cigarettes are indeed cheaper than the regular ones.


You can get e-liquids in various flavors from green apple to the rest. You can search the various brands online, check out the various flavors that are available, find out if the e-cartridge can fit in your instrument and then make the required purchase. E-cigarettes are here to stay for the time being; a few studies conducted on rats had hinted that e-cigarettes could also be deadly but no conclusive proof has been provided to back up the same. For the time being, they happen to be the safer alternative to regular smoking and can provide you with the nicotine fix that you need. Granted that the delivery system may take a while to get used to initially, but when you weigh in all the benefits, you will see that vaping is indeed preferable to regular smokes.