First, let’s have a real talk about what CBD actually is. CBD OR Cannabidiol is basically found in industrial hemp and cannabis plants. It has no psychoactive properties and doesn’t get you as high as cannabis does. This is the reason why this is considered to be medicinal, and is totally legal. You don’t even need to visit the doctor or get a doctor’s prescription to lay your hands on this. Now that you know what CBD is, the next topic of discussion is vaping. Vaping is considered to be much healthier than smoking, and it’s basically in taking of CBD in its vapour form. You can vape using various vaping devices like vape pens, box mods, e-cigarettes etc.

Vaping is becoming popular by the day, especially among the youth of today. And funnily enough, most of the popularity owes to the delicious vape juice flavours that are available in the market today. Vape juices or e-liquids are infused with CBD, and are one of the most effective ways to intake CBD. There are other methods to intake CBD — like pills, drinks, edibles, and supplements etc. — which travel to the digestive system. But vape juices transfer the CBD directly into your blood steam, making it more effective. So, get ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD today by getting your hands on CBD vape juice. In UK, Cannajuice is one of the leading, authentic suppliers of vape juices and vape kits. They offer the best of quality vaping products at the best prices.

Follow these instructions to make your own vape oil at home

Now, as we said, vape oils and juices are becoming increasingly available in refreshing and delicious fruity, mint, chocolaty flavours. This in turn, is increasing the demand for vaping products like a CBD vape kit in UK. But, have you ever considered to make your own bottle of vape oil, instead of spending all those money over pre-made bottles? If not, now is the correct time to do so. Because, we are here, all ready to tell you about this easy and cost-effective way of making your own vape oil at home.

  • Ingredients required: You need certain ingredients and apparatus. The list contains propylene glycol (PG) liquid, vegetable glycerine (VG), flavoured e-liquid of your choice, CBD isolate/powder, beaker, sealable bottle, pipette/syringe and a scale. Once, you have everything ready in front of you, you can start. And yes, you don’t need a PHD in Alchemy to get all of these together, even though it might look like it.
  • Procedure: The first step is to add 8 ml of PG into a beaker, then add 500 gm of CBD powder to it and stir the mixture properly. Now place it into a sealable bottle and shake well. Wait for the CBD isolate to get completely dissolved. This make take a couple of hours. Then add 2 ml of VG and the q-liquid flavour that you have chosen. And voila, or should we say Vape! Your handmade vape oil is ready to be vaped.
  • Helpful tips: To get the most out of your vape liquid, make sure to keep the temperature of the vaping device somewhere between 10 and 25 watts. Too high a temperature will increase the consumption of the liquid and affect the taste. Also, CBD doesn’t dissolve in VG/PG easily, so make sure that there’s a high PG/VG concentration. And the rest is up to you and you can experiment to your hearts liking.

So, this is how you can take your very first step into making your CBD vape oil. It’s easy as pie, and once you start making it, you will get the hang of it. After a few tries, you can change the CBD concentration to a level that’s best suited for you. Now, doesn’t it all sound super exciting?