For many women, skirts and coats are ubiquitous wardrobe staples. Such versatile articles of clothing can be mixed and matched with a variety of other pieces, thus providing extra purchase mileage. Skirts can be paired with blouses, tunics, and shirts, while coats can be worn with dresses, pantsuits, and whole outfit ensembles. Given the extended use one can get from these clothes, it’s perfectly reasonable to invest in high-quality skirt coat hangers made of wood and reinforced with metal hardware. They’re a bit pricier, but their durability will support clothes for a long period of time.

Problems With Plastic Hangers

Plastic skirt coat hangers are more affordable, so they’re the usual first choice for buyers. However, they lack the sturdiness to support heavy fabrics which most coats — specifically winter coats — are made of. Plastic hangers will buckle under the weight of wool, fleece, and fur. Skirts are often made of lighter fabrics like cotton or viscose, but they can become heavy when they’re embellished with tassels, pom-poms, sequins, and costume jewels. Thus, plastic hangers will also be inadequate for this job. Your clothes will slide off the hangers and spend more time on the closet floor, which defeats the purpose of using hangers in the first place! Additionally, plastic hangers are flimsy, so they’re good only for a few uses before they break — and possibly tear through your clothes in the process. But buying the same replacements is not healthy for your wallet, and using disposable items is not healthy for the environment. They’re not a sustainable option whichever way you look at it.

Worries With Wire Hangers

Wire skirt coat hangers aren’t an improvement in quality. They don’t break like plastic, but under heavy weight they bend and sag over time, making your clothes lose shape. They’re also too thin, so they press against the fabric and causes it to stretch, pinch or bunch up. When you leave your clothes long enough on these hangers, they will retain these unsightly wrinkles and bumps for good. Another thing to remember is that wire hangers will rust sooner rather than later. The rust can rub off on your clothes and leave a permanent stain. You can buy hangers made of stainless steel to avoid this problem, but not all stainless steels are made equal. Some don’t have enough chromium to protect them from oxidation, so they still rust eventually. Stainless steels with a high level of chromium are available in other hangers, but they’re more expensive, and they still don’t address the aforementioned issues that wire hangers have.

Importance of Aesthetics

Additionally, skirt coat hangers made of either plastic or wire may not work with a design aesthetic. These hangers are cheap, so they look and feel cheap. They won’t go well with a lot of home decor themes, like rustic or traditional. Even an industrial theme will work better with wooden skirt coat hangers, which come across as elegant and luxurious. Of course, it can be argued that it’s just a closet — no one else will have to see what’s inside of it aside from you. But what you see is more important than what guests see, because you’re the one looking into your wardrobe every day, not them. Chances are that you won’t enjoy seeing hangers that don’t complement your taste each time you open your closet doors.

Choose Butler Luxury for Quality Hangers

For hangers that deliver both form and function, wooden skirt coat hangers are the best choices for your cherished clothing items. They work hard to support your clothes while in storage, and they look good while doing so! Butler Luxury’s vast collection offers an option for every wardrobe!