Full House: Why Uncle Jesse was So Obsessed with Elvis

The sitcom Full House was about Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), known for his obsession with Elvis Presley. There’sThere’s a real reason. Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) assisted Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), in raising his three daughters, DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie, and Michelle (MaryKate and Ashley Olsen). This was after Jesse’sJesse’s death, his sister Pam. Jesse was a charming character, with his quirks and strong love for the King Of Rock’ Rock’ n Roll.

Full House episode 3, “The First Day of School,” explains the origins of Jesse’sJesse’s love for Elvis. Joey hears Jesse’sJesse’s story about how he was inspired to become a musician after watching the Elvis Presley movie King Creole when he was six years old. Jesse, Uncle Jesse’sJesse’s Elvis obsession is displayed throughout the series. Jesse even became an Elvis impersonator to earn extra money for his band to record a demo for Full House season 1. Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson (Lori Loughlin) decide to marry in Full House season 4. He insists that the wedding be held at Graceland, Elvis’Elvis’ former home in Memphis, Tennessee. Although both those suggestions are rejected, he suggests getting married on January 8th. Jesse loves Elvis Presley, even though it is a joke.

Jesse’sJesse’s obsession with Elvis was inspired by actor John Stamos’s real-life love for the King. John Stamos was such a huge Elvis fan that this trait was also written into his Full House character. John Stamos, who made a 2014 appearance at Graceland (via Billboard), explained his fascination with Presley’sPresley’s music: “I think that the first time I saw him […] I was immediately in awe. He had it all. It’sIt’s impossible to have it all. People are talented vocalists or have charismatic voices, or are good-looking.

Uncle Jesse’sJesse’s Name is a Heartbreaking Elvis Tribute

Although Uncle Jesse’sJesse’s name is a tribute to Elvis, it is aad Jesse named in tribute to Jesse Presley, who was Elvis’Elvis’ twin brother and died stillborn. Elvis’Elvis’ parents did not know they were expecting twins and were devastated when their firstborn son Jesse died. They were pleasantly surprised when Elvis was born just 30 minutes later. Jesse was originally named Adam in Full House, but John Stamos suggested that Jesse be his character’scharacter’s new name. Stamos confirmed that his character’s name was a tribute to Elvis in an audio tour of Graceland (via PopSugar). Named Jesse, Stamos was not only a way of showing his love for Elvis but also honoring his deceased brother.

Although Jesse’sJesse’s Elvis obsession may be a funny character quirk, it has a deeper meaning. It’sIt’s a tribute to Elvis’Elvis’ brother, John Stamos. It is heartwarming to see John Stamos, the creator of Full House, pay tribute to Elvis by using his character.