What to wear under a Camisole

A rayon camisole or lacy silk is an essential fashion item for every woman’s wardrobe. You can make this top flattering by choosing a newer style with a higher percentage of Lycra or spandex and bra-like adjustable straps. A camisole can be used as a versatile wardrobe choice.

These are some options for what you can wear underneath camisoles.

Strapless Bras lightweight strapless bra under your racerback or spaghetti strap top is a good option if you are an AA-C. Stick-on bra petals are a great alternative if you don’t want to wear undergarments.


You can choose from various options, even somewhere in the middle. You can choose a strapless bra with extra boning and molded cups to support your breasts or a fun bralette. A simple tank can be given a pop of color with a lacy bralette or bandeau.

Thin Strap Bras

Our bustier gals may have a difficult time with open-back tops. Think DD and up! It doesn’t mean you have to wear tops with very thin straps. You can blend your bra and tank top by choosing a bra with similar strap colors.

Layer up

Your bra doesn’t need to be exposed underneath a low-cut top. You can layer your tank over a larger tank for more coverage. This is where you can get creative. A cami or tank top can be worn in a matching, coordinating, or contrasting color. You can also wear an all-lace camisole, which is fun. You can even wear a lace camisole! You don’t even need a bra. Wear a racerback under your outfit.

Tube Top or Bandeau

A low-cut armhole top will show most of the body’s side, which is where the breasts and body are. A bandeau or tube top is a great choice. You have two options: wear a bra made of beautiful lace or a more traditional design, or cover up your basic bra with a tube top. Some strappy-wear-a-ton-of-ways dresses offer a tube top/bandeau that matches the dress to provide some coverage where the twisty straps may have exposed you, or so you can wear a bra without it showing. The same principle applies. You can match your outfit with your camisole or wear a bold color underneath.


Bodysuits, like the bralette, are in fashion. The lingerie item works almost as a camisole but has more coverage. It also offers greater security and will not move up. Bodysuits tend to be more fashionable and less practical, which allows you to experiment with your style.

Sports bra

While I love showing off your lingerie in your style, it is not something everyone can do. Your sports bra is a safer and more stylish way to showcase your lingerie. Sports bras can be worn while you exercise and are very fashionable. There are many options: bright colors, strappy sides and more or less coverage.