Are you thinking about investing in fashion tape? Here are the facts

Do you ever wish you could have a tailor who was available 24/7 to fix your wardrobe problems? Fashion tape may be a better alternative. This double-sided adhesive can be pressed strategically to save you pain or embarrassment.

You can buy fashion tape in either a roll or pre-cut strips. Sometimes, the former is better because you can use as much or little as you want. However, if you are carrying fashion tape in your bag, make sure you have a pair of scissors. You should consider the fabric of the garment you plan to use it with. Some brands may not be strong enough for materials such as wool or denim, while others might. There are also waterproof options on the market that can be very helpful in protecting beachwear and bathing suits.

Is double-sided tape a good alternative?

While regular double-sided tape is not the best, it is a good start. It is not recommended to be applied to the skin. Double-sided tape may not be as effective as fashion tape and can lose its adhesive when exposed to perfumes or sweat. Double-sided tape can be used as a stepping stone to fashion tape. However, it may not perform as well as fashion tape. 

Here are some ideas for fashion tape:

1. Keep your bra straps hidden

To keep your bra straps from peeking through a tank top’s top, attach the bra strap to your top.

2. Smoothen the lapels of your shirt/suit

If you have a stubborn lapel, flatten the top and secure it with fashion tape.

3. Keep your low-cut tops simple

Two pieces of fashion tape should be placed on the neckline. Once you are done wearing the top, peel the other side. This will keep your top in place and prevent you from making wardrobe mistakes.

4. In minutes, fake a hem

Are you too busy to go to the tailor to hem your skirt or dress? You can line the bottom seam with fashion tape and fold the garment strategically.

5. With confidence, wear the cut-out style

Fashion tape is a great way to ensure you have complete control over the fashion trends that are in fashion.

6. Anchor your belts

Use fashion tape to hold the ends in place if your belt has no additional hoop.