Are stick-and-poke tattoos more painful than machine tattoos?

Machine, stick, and poke tattoos are completely different in style, technique, and results. People often ask, “Do hand tattoos hurt more than machine ones?” It depends on many factors, including the location, artist and size of the tattoo.

Although DIY tattoos are less painful than machine-made ones, every person is different. There is no one’s pain threshold, and while some might find DIY tattoos less painful than machine ones, others may find the experience more unpleasant.

What’s the Difference Between DIY Tattoos & Machine Tattoos?

Stick, poke, and machine tattoos differ, as we have already mentioned. Both styles can produce different sensations, which can impact the amount of pain that a person feels. Let’s examine some factors that can impact the amount of pain you feel while getting tattooed.

The Technique

Although a stick-and-poke tattoo and a machine tattoo involve inking being inserted under the skin permanently, the method used differs. A machine tattoo uses a motor to propel the needle up and down faster. The tattoo artist can use the machine the same way as a pen to draw lines on the skin.

To create lines, you need to use a stick and poke to poke tiny holes into the skin. The sensation is quite different because of this. The sensation of a machine is similar to a scrape on your skin, while a stick and poke will give you individual punctures.

The Environment

The environment is different when tattooing with a machine. It produces a lot more noise. A tattoo machine produces a lot of noise, which is why it’s louder than a stick and poke. This is why DIY tattoos can be more enjoyable. Studies have shown that creating a calm environment can influence pain perception.

The duration

A stick-and-poke tattoo is much quicker than one that’s done by a machine. It doesn’t matter how large or small the design is. The stick and poke method can take as long as 20 minutes on a machine, but it takes hours. However, one technique is more painful than the other. Stick and poke is more time-consuming, but it’s far less painful. This can make tattooing easier depending on your sensitivity to pain and where you’re tattooing.

The Healing Process

The healing process for DIY and machine tattoos is the subject of much online discussion. If you take the proper safety precautions and use the right tools, stick-and-poke tattoos can heal faster than machine ones. These tattoos are also less painful and require less scabbing.

Everybody is different!

Many factors affect a person’s ability to tolerate pain. No two people are the same in their pain tolerance. This includes genetics, age, gender and past experiences. It is difficult to know which tattoo technique hurts the most. You can only find out by trying each technique. You’ll then be able to determine which one hurts you the most.