Bras will only work if your breasts are 1-2 fingers apart. Only a few styles will work for you if your breasts touch, like mine. Wide-set breasts are a more difficult type of chest to fit. Broad set breasts refer to breasts that can accommodate 3 or more fingers between the roots of your breasts.

Wide breasts can present various problems that will limit your choice of bras. Wide-set breasts can cause your cup to narrow.

Most cups are made for fullness in the center. If your breasts are closer, you will have problems with gapping and spillage. For your breasts to be properly contained between the underwires, you must swoop and scoop.



Bras that can keep your tissue from slipping out of your bra will be needed if your tissue tends to gravitate towards the sides. Bras that advertise inner slings will provide side support. Bras with wide bands on the sides will keep your breasts in place.


Look for bras with a large gore (a greater separation between the cups). Cleo is one of the brands that have wider gores than others. Bras with a corded or front-opening gore and bras with a bra opening can be adapted to suit larger breasts.


Women with large breasts have a major problem: most bras don’t give them the cleavage they desire. It doesn’t matter if you want to achieve the Christina Hendricks cleavage or a work-appropriate decolletage. You have to make a serious effort.

Plunge-style bras are a great option. They are very easy to separate breasts because of their short gore. With decent side support and a low gore, there is a good chance that your breasts will be pulled together enough to show a little cleavage.

The push-up bra is one level higher than this. These bras are more difficult to find in D+ cups because we assume we have received more than our fair share. However, they do exist.

There are many options for dramatic cleavage if you want it. You have many options to help your boobs get closer. Check out my article about push-up bras for more options and a detailed look at the options to create more cleavage.

Wireless bras are another option for casual, everyday cleavage. Wireless bras are often criticized by many people for creating uni-boob. You can find a style you love if you are a woman with a large body. The uni-boob effect will not be as strong for you.

These bras are suitable for large breasts.


Cleo by Panache bras come in various styles and elements, making them an excellent choice for large breasts. There will be a lot of J-hooks and corded gores. Their gores are a bit wider than the average.

Although the Koko Plunge cups are slightly higher than normal, they don’t have reinforced sides. This bra is an excellent example of a corded gore. It should work well with wide-set breasts.

The Cleo Neve is a discontinued fan favorite with a smaller cup. This is similar to the Koko Plunge and will suit anyone with a full or even top breast but doesn’t require any projection at the bottom.