Are you planning to get hitched with your special someone and tie the knot for eternity? Well, then you have probably already begun your hunt for the best engagement and wedding ring. This also means, you have started breaking your fixed deposits and other investments because how else are you going to afford a girl’s best friend i.e. diamonds? If your forehead is already dripping sweat at the sound of expensive diamonds, then worry not. Here are some affordable wedding ring ideas that won’t max out your credit cards or drain your savings.

Cheap Wedding Rings

1. Silver Rings

There was a time when silver was considered more valuable and precious than gold or any other metal. It’s an extremely affordable metal and rings of this metal come in different and unique designs. Sterling silver is a mix of pure silver with copper and other metal. This is done to make it durable. It comes in various finishes like matte, shiny bright white and grayish white. The only downside of silver is that it gets scratched quite easily.

2. Steel Rings

We know what you’re thinking, steel rings? Is there such a thing? Yes, there is and gaining popularity. Steel rings are stronger, more durable, low maintenance and much more affordable. It can be polished to give it different patterns and designs for your loved one. Matching wedding rings of steel give it a tough and modern look. It is also mixed with 10.5% chromium to prevent it from oxidation.

3. Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are strong and durable, compared to other metals. It is dark in colour and weighs light. It is the perfect choice for those who are allergic to jewellery because titanium is hypoallergenic. This is a very popular choice for men’s wedding rings because they are very lightweight. So if someone isn’t used to wearing rings, this one would hardly feel like it’s there. Titanium gives a very modern and distinctive look to your ring compared to other mainstream metal rings that are used for weddings. It’s also great for a wedding ring because it is the most scratch resistant metal, although the only downside is that it cannot be resized.

4. Tungsten Rings

Harder than titanium, tungsten rings give a sturdy and tough looking shine to your ring. This one is also great for people who cannot wear jewellery because even tungsten is hypoallergenic. Just like titanium wedding rings, tungsten wedding rings also cannot be resized.

5. White and Rose Gold Rings

White and rose gold rings are the new and popular trends in the wedding ring industry. Diamonds go really well with white gold rings and so it has become a popular choice among couples. White gold is pure gold mixed with other metals like palladium and silver to give it that white polish and shine. They are then plated with a rhodium polish for its lustre but this polish is bound to wear off with time. However, the good thing is that you can always get the rhodium polish replated and it is an easy procedure. Rose gold or pink gold, is a more romantic colour of the gold metal. It is popularly used in bi- coloured rings for a more different design than the yellow or white gold ring.


Choosing a metal other than the usual platinum and gold will give your wedding ring a unique look. Also, these are the much more affordable options of metals for a wedding ring. They come in various designs and patterns which you can choose from. So if you are on a budget but still want to put a ring on it, then here’s your chance.