Marriage is a life-changing event. You are ready to make some new changes, promises, and adjustments in your life. But you have to make sure that the person for whom you are making so many compromises in your life is trustworthy and reliable as well. And naturally, if the person isn’t having these traits, he or she is not going to accept them in front of you. You have to find out the same by yourself.

Why Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Inquire About Your Potential Spouse?

Don’t get us wrong, we are not conveying that your potential partner is unfit or not trustworthy. But it is always better to be on the safer side. You read about hundreds of divorces happening because of incompatibility. Definitely you don’t want to be in those shoes. That is why ensure that you are hiring a private investigator in Melbourne from Oracle Investigation Services to inquire everything about your would-be spouse properly. They are the best in the town and the most trusted and reliable ones for the job.

  • To know the previous relationships of your would-be spouse — Today, it’s alright for your would-be partner to be a divorcee or have a past with another partner. But the matter is suspicious if your partner chooses not to reveal the same to you. That’s why, to be very sure that your partner isn’t lying to you about his/her past relationship, hire an investigator to inquire about this matter deeply and secretly.
  • To be aware of the criminal history of your future spouse — A person with a previous criminal history cannot always be trustworthy. And if you have a doubt that your partner may be lying to you about some previous criminal acts or if you see suspicious money or weapons with the person, then better hire a secret investigator to look into this matter for you.
  • To know if he/she is a drug addict — Drug addiction can be incurable. People who are addicted to it can go to extremes to get a single dose of the same. And imagine being in a relationship with such a person. You’ll be drained financially in providing for such a person keeping aside the emotional trauma that goes with it. That’s why if you see signs of addiction in your partner, call for an investigator to look into this matter immediately and discreetly.
  • Cheating you — If you doubt that your partner is cheating on you, never ever delay in calling a private investigator to inquire about the situation deeply. Dishonesty in a relationship is a big No! So, these issues shouldn’t be ignored at all.

All these issues are very serious and shouldn’t be taken for granted before you select your partner for marriage. And apart from these, if you think there are some more problems that give you an uncomfortable feeling about the relationship or your partner, then don’t hesitate in calling an investigator to look into those matters as well.