If you are planning to renovate your home, chances are that you are bound to come across quite a few myths. Some of them are listed below, but you also need to be aware that these myths have been busted a while back. While you might be keen to use the old patterns and ideas, perhaps it is time to try out something new, the sort that makes you feel that your home is truly cozy. Check out some of the common myths that had been busted a while back, it’s bound to make you sit up, and take notes.

  • Myth busted, Certain colors make the interiors feel small: If there was ever a myth that richly deserves to be busted, it’s this one. Certain colors do not automatically shrink your interiors. You may have heard of the rumors that dark colors make the room seem smaller and bright colors add space. That’s nothing but a rumor; and when it comes to house painters in Auckland, you certainly need to disregard this one. It should not prevent you from following modern trends and the sort that you want to incorporate into your rooms.
  • Myth busted, Dark colors need several coats: When it comes to house painters, you would be surprised at some of these myths doing the rounds. One of the latest ones to hit the market is that painters often claim that dark colors often require several colors. While dark colors are moody, they rarely require several coats and you can paint the same amount of colors, as you had for the lighter shades. You can spend the same amount of time and energy as you had on the other walls.
  • Myth busted, molding must be in white: Often you find professional painters who claim that the trim, molding, and baseboards must be in white. Nothing could be further from the truth. You need not use the white paint but instead can opt to use a pastel shade and one that’s complimentary for the perfect effect. Or you can go in for a contrast effect as well. Here’s an additional tip, use the painter’s tape when it comes to painting the trims.
  • Myth busted, leave it to the pros: Nothing could be far removed from the truth than this particular myth. You are bound to find that it is the professional painters who often spread this myth around, for obvious reasons. There’s many an amateur house painter who has done a spectacular job and the same logic applies here as well. Just read all the directions carefully, take the necessary precautions, and spread waste clothes on the ground. Just ensure that you keep stirring the wet can of paint at regular intervals and apply a single coat and observe the results. Once you are satisfied with it, you can move on by applying a second coat before moving onto the other rooms.
  • Myth busted, paint is paint: One of the most common myths is that paint is often assumed to be just that and any size would do. This is a common myth as well – when it comes to painting your rooms, not any paint would do and certainly not old paint. Old paints tend to dry up, and the brushes themselves would have long dried up and become hard. To achieve the optimal effect, you need to go in for fresh paint and new paintbrushes.

These are some of the common painting myths that you may need to check out before you start painting your home.