In the current day & age, there’s a ton of misleading information being spread about cleaning rugs. While you can expect to hear myths in every other industry out there, it’s also essential to know the accurate information, so that you can take care of your beautiful rugs the way they’re supposed to.

Thus, by understanding some of the bizarre rug cleaning misconceptions, you can expect yourself to not make the same mistakes. 

Learning Some Of The Most Bizarre Rug Cleaning Misconceptions

Myth #1: Unless The Rug Gets Extremely Dirty, There’s No Reason To Clean It

You shouldn’t wait till your rug gets extremely dirty and then proceed to clean the same. This is because the longer the dirt continues to stay in your rug, it will continue to damage the fibres of your rug. As a result, your rug fibres will get ripped apart prematurely. 

Thus, it’s unwise to wait to clean your rug, because the accumulated dust, dirt & other contaminants, will not only affect the health of your rug but also your family members (including you). 

According to experts, one foot of your rug surface area can harbour more than a pound of dirt, allergens, dust & other particulate matter. All of these contaminants can lead to allergy flare-ups in your home and can even worsen certain breathing issues in humans such as apnoea & asthma. 

Myth #2: Using Rug Protectors Can Prevent All Kinds Of Spills & Stains And Will Prevent Damage To The Rug

Even though rug protectors are known to provide a moderate amount of protection to your rug, they cannot protect your rug from all kinds of spills, stains or damage. Thus, if you believe that using rug protectors make your rugs invincible, then you’re simply making a big mistake. 

Thus, you have to follow a spot cleaning procedure to get rid of stains & spills just as they happen, so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the beautiful rug. 

Myth #3: Professional Experts Are Not Required For Cleaning Rugs

According to a reliable company for cleaning Oriental rugs, most homeowners believe that cleaning rugs at home will yield similar results as professional rug cleaning services. But, the truth is – it doesn’t. 

It should be noted that cleaning rugs at home create unprecedented levels of moisture inside the rugs. Eventually, if this moisture doesn’t get dried properly, then the same could lead to the growth of mould & fungus, throughout the entire rug surface. 

That’s why most rug manufacturers recommend getting your rug cleaned by professionals, who have the ideal equipment and utilise the correct technique. So, the next time you need to clean your rugs, don’t forget to contact us right away.