Is your home exterior looking dull and old? Then it’s high time you gave it a facelift again. And you can start the mighty process from the roof! It’s the most integral part of your home (both interior and exterior) and shields your house from all types of damages and disasters. And the best and easiest way to give your roofs a new life is painting it!

The Pros and Cons of Roof Painting!

Roof painting in North Shore by Auckland Premium Painters is said to be the best treatment you can give to your roofs. They do the job extremely well covering every inch of your roof perfectly and enhancing the beauty of your roof. But like everything else, even roof painting has its positive and negative sides. So, let’s read about those below:

  • The advantages of roof painting— Painting your roof has several perks. Let’s read about these to understand why you need to opt for this the next time you renovate your home.
  • It glorifies your roof — A good shade and hand of painting adds life to your roof. Not just this, it even enhances the curb appeal of your home largely.
  • Increases your property’s value — You know a home that’s perfectly painted looks alluring. And this is enough to get you good bucks when you put your property in the market for sale.
  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms— A glossy coat of paint on your roof even prevents the growth of microorganisms like algae (which destroys the charm and pristine look of your roof).
  • Some types of paints even prevent the settlement of dirt over it — There are some advanced and special types of roof paints available in the market that prevents the settlement of dirt on them. These have an ultra smooth finish on them which helps in doing the needful.
  • Reflective paints reduce the heat that enters the home — If you are opting for reflective paint, popularly known as cool roof options, then these do reflect the sunlight thereby keeping your home cooler.
  • Disadvantages of roof painting — Though we are super impressed with the benefits of roof painting, it is essential to take a look at the cons too.
  • Roof painting doesn’t prevent water leakage— As charming as the roof may look after painting, please do bear in mind that this can’t prevent water from entering your home because of leakage. It always requires the support of water-proofing.
  • Acrylic paint can damage the thickness of the roof — Incase you opt for the acrylic paint, then remember that it reduces the thickness of the roof and water may seep in it when it rains.
  • Just painting a roof can’t protect it from natural calamities— Don’t be relieved that since you painted your roof afresh, you can protect it against the harsh effects of storm or wind. It’s just a beautifying layer on it, not a protective shield – therefore, this roof is very much vulnerable to natural disasters.

With the advantages listed above, we believe that roof painting can be a great solution for your homes. But since there are disadvantages too, be sure you take necessary precautions against those harmful effects when opting for the same.