You have plethora of ways to don the sartorial conundrum of work at home. WFH: a short form of Work from Home has become more ubiquitous than Covid-19. What you should wear when doing video conferencing or how to dress up when doing office work, is a puzzle for millions of people across the world. With almost every office shut down due to global pandemic, person to person contact has literally come to end.

It feels like ages when everyone had to daily wear pants, gents and ladies footwear and makeup and leave your home, drag your physical body in a means of transport and sit at a desk. And the worst thing was that you have to look your best for your bosses, co-workers and clients. But in the present scenario, the office workers of the world awake at 9.00 am or late, check their laptops, (go through some Netflix stuff) under their pillow and then sip coffee for hours, before getting ready to work from home.

But, what kinds of outfits can your wear to make yourself ready for this socio-psychological chaos? WFHFITS is one of the best places to know what attire and shoes you need to don while you are working from your home and look professional and casual at the same time. Yes, thanks to this Instagram account, just founded some days back. It was founded with a purpose to share mirror selfies of work from home. So, if anyone is confused about how to look urban elite while working from home, then you have everything to look out here.

The list of participants till now includes writers, editors, stylists, photographers, influencers, brand managers and others. Some of the cult accessories are included in the pictures which aspires others to dress out in the best ways. As not every one of us has a closet decked with Fendi sweaters or Chanel dresses, hence you can simply don anything which keeps you high and going.

The account showcases a completely new and unique set of theories and dresses for WFH style and each of the designs are unique and faithful to the idea of comfort. Surely you will get a lot takes on sweats. The athleisure-based dresses or pajamas are quite in vogue. The womens birkenstock sandals offer undying creed of comfort along with a few different kinds of styling.

So, there is some of the favorite work from home dresses of people. The makers of the account have showcases a plenty of dresses to help you get inspired for your own WFH style. Ranging from the more sartorially charged Simone Rocha dresses, Birkenstocks and sweatshirts to the well-padded jackets and knitted tracksuit bottoms, you can don any kind of look you want for yourself.

These are some of the look that can only be donned by people in a society wide lockdown. Things like clashing patterns, exercise dresses with suit jackets, blanket swaddled on your shoulders are some of the amazing dresses being enjoyed by people. So, if you are looking forward for some fun and enjoyable and comfortable dresses, then peek into the wardrobe of other people through WFHFits and get the best work from home dress ideas for yourself. And, in case you are literally short of dresses or shoes, then you can buy men’s shoes online and get them delivered at your place