One of the biggest side effects of social distancing and self-isolation is living in a quiet, miserable and mum environment. You literally start missing the white noise of your daily life, the noise of car tires, the sound of locals and everything. And, in its place you have the unpleasant and long silence to deal with. But, you can definitely fix it. Yes, here is a playlist assembled to help you enjoy during your cycling workout sessions at the time of quarantine. The songs are picked according to specific moods which you may be experiencing during the time of self-quarantine.

Party by Planet 1999

The pop music’s caffeine has turned sour off lately- it has become silly, too much lovey-dovey and brash. So, you should channelize your energy with soft, abstracted substitute. 

Cut Me by Moses Sumney

With days appearing so long, and so does the space for consistent rumination. Cut Me the fourth single brings inside you all the force and reassurance. If you are really looking for some energy when out riding bikes on the road, then this is the song

Misfit Love by Queens of the Stone Age

The dudes in the band express it all. Check them out building this sick groove in wondrous successive loop, in a type of scowling appeal, in inevitability layer as if they aren’t producing music but the idea of music. You can get city bike for sale and listen to this groovy number while riding your bike… it is medicine!

Happy Cycling by Boards of Canada

How did the Canadian musicians anticipate this 22 years before? The stores are shut down, gulls are shouting. Just play it and let your endorphins assemble, the loneliness lessen and you get a new feeling which will related you to new hope.

Stay Flo by Solange

Well, the album When I Get Home has never appeared so meaningful. It is like the singer is trying to recollect the memories of the chaos of the outside world and end up collecting some new, bizarre and satisfying sense of order.

Where are you Judy by Andy Shauf

The brilliant album sung by sleepy voiced Andy Shauf talk about spending night at the bar yet being stuck in your own head. The singer fantasized about getting call from an ex to reconnect and it becomes somewhat a comforting reminder that pre-quarantine freedom also has quiet madness.

Sex by the Necks

If you really feel lousy and can’t concentrate on anything, then all you need to do is pull out your best lightweight bikes and enjoy this song. Sex is a slow, hour long voyage in the galaxy from the Australian trio. If you want to cycle with a brilliant mood, then put this on and you’ll do it more pleasantly.

It’s all coming back to me now by Celine Dion

This is one of the strangest song you would have ever heard, but it is just an ode to the outside world which people will see someday. And if you see a road without people while biking, then this song will give you hope.

These are some of the best songs which you will enjoy while doing cycling workout during quarantine. Buy the best bikes online from and customize it according to your requirement and preference.