As I look out of my window, orange leaves float through the crisp air and litter the ground, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. Fresh autumn days like this make me so happy. I’ve always loved autumnal dressing too – the days of going out in a flimsy sun dress are long gone, but we haven’t yet reached that stage of wrapping up in so many layers that you resemble the Michelin man, any cares about style thrown out the misty window. Oh February, you are a harsh month. Let’s not think about that for now though. Autumn in a city is fantastic – think Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl – and I’ve seen many a chic city-dweller around Bristol this year.

Fall Clothing

1. Classic Flat Knee-High Boots

Now ideally, you would have these in black, tan and chocolate, but unfortunately some of us are on a student budget. I recommend paying a little more than perhaps you usually would and investing in a well-made high quality pair of boots. I got mine from Jones the Bootmaker last year (with a student discount yay!), and as I’ve looked after them, they’re still in great condition now. Putting them on again for the first time since the summer really did make me smile. Knee-high boots are not only practical (no-one wants chilly ankles), but they look as good with a skirt (and tights, obvs, see below) as they do with trousers. I far prefer flat boots to heeled ones, especially for the day-time. It can be hard to find knee-high boots that fit your ankle and calf well, so when you find the perfect pair, I suggest you pounce! Black leather boots, skinny jeans, white blouse – you can’t go wrong!

2. Fun Tights

Seeing as it isn’t quite cold enough for woollie, opaque, thermal tights yet, but of course going out in bare legs would be out of the question, funky tights are a great way to jazz up your look. I like to wear sheer black ones with a cute subtle pattern (not too in your face), such as little polka-dot hearts. These were my latest purchase, but whether they’re £2.50 from Primark (like mine!) or £12 from House of Holland, pretty tights are always fun, and I’m making the most of wearing them before it gets too cold!

3. Oversized Jumpers

Anyone who knows me will know that my day-to-day uniform tends to be skinny trousers with an oversized jumper, and the latter are just perfect for this time of year (skinnies all year round, naturally). Big baggy jumpers provide room for several layers underneath and will keep you cosy, but it’s not yet so cold that you have to hide your jumper under a coat. As far as I’m concerned, vintage funky oversized jumpers are always the best, and come Christmas, I shall definitely be on the look out for a new one. However, I have to admit that I was particularly charmed by the festive offerings from Primark, even though every second girl on the high street will probably be sporting one this December.

4. A Light Snood

Snoods are perfect for making you feel snug and protecting you from a chilly breeze. Before it gets too cold and the chunky knits come out, why not get a more lightweight snood to complete your look? I like this one from River Island. So, those are my style essentials for Autumn! Tell me, what have I missed? How do you like to remain chic as winter descends  Before we know it, we’ll be curled up in front of a log fire, singing carols and drinking hot chocolate. And I can’t wait.