Surfing is a great water sport to learn and practise as a hobby. It’s refreshing, adventurous and satisfying. However, it’s also equally challenging and requires serious skills and learning. How it looks is way different than how it feels and how it’s done. Learning how to surf can be a great acquired skill for any person. However, learning how to surf comes with its set of challenges and lessons. Before you get out on the water with your surfboard, here are some important things for you to keep in mind.

Surfing For Beginners

1. Do Not Just Venture Out Into The Sea

Don’t think that you can just purchase a surfboard and head into the waters. Do not attempt to surf without learning how to do it from a professional. Even reading and watching surfing videos is not going to be enough for you to learn how to surf on real waters. Get yourself a surfing coach or try it out with a friend who knows how to surf well. Surfing is a dangerous activity/ sport, so the first thing that’s advised to those who want to learn it, is not to try it alone without some lessons first.

2. Surfboard Choice

Whether you plan to buy your own or go for Croyde surf hire, get yourself a big surfboard. Don’t rush to surf on a small and short surfboard. Start out with a large surfboard because that will help you learn and pick up the fundamental mechanics of surfing much quicker. Also, make sure that you go for soft-tops surfboards because initially you’ll be spending your time sitting on it and a soft-top surfboard would be easier to sit on.

3. Get Used To Your Surfboard

It’s important that before you get into the waters and start surfing, you get the hang of and get used to your surfboard. Practise sitting on your surfboard and make yourself comfortable and acquainted to the idea of it. It may sound easy or something that doesn’t need to be spent time on, but you should definitely do it because it’s tougher and more uncomfortable than it looks.

4. Clothing

Don’t just wear anything to your surf session. Wear your swimsuit under your wetsuit. It’s important that you wear a wetsuit so that you are comfortable and able to enjoy your surf. Just wearing the swimsuit might not make it very flexible for you to move, so ensure that you also wear a wetsuit on top of the swimsuit. You can also find some clothing of deus ex machina in UK.

5. You Must Know Basic Swimming

Yes, you must know basic swimming to be able to successfully surf and survive in the waters in case you get wiped out. This is not just true for surfing but almost all kinds of water sports and adventure activities. Basic swimming is important to temporarily survive in water, in case of an emergency, till the time help arrives.

6. Keep Your Distance From Expert Surfers

This is to make things easy and less dangerous for you. The experienced and expert surfers are going to be surfing much more challenging waves than you, so it’s better to stay away from them. You will not have the skills or the experience to surf with the experts and you’ll also be prone to making mistakes at the time of learning, so it’s better that you steer clear of them. This will ensure your safety and the safety of others around you.


To enjoy surfing you must learn, practice and build your experience. Take baby steps to learning this sport so that you can then go out on your own and enjoy it. Just remember to keep all the important tips in mind for a safe and pleasant surfing experience. A few minor injuries and bruises are a part of the sport so don’t worry about that and make sure you have fun.