Moving out of your house and moving into a new home is a huge thing. After the stress of all the work of moving out of your old house, you are only halfway through the process. Here is what all you need to do before moving into your new home and setting it up.

The address changes and The set-ups

Shifting your home means you’ll have to change all the addresses needed. Electricity, water, Gas, will need to be set up and updated. The wifi cables will too need to be set up. Apart from forwarding your mail from your previous address to the present one, along with updating your billing address. So, make sure you get your address updated wherever necessary and set up.

Get it checked properly and the repair needed

The first thing and probably the most important would be to get your house checked properly and tended. 

Make sure you check the required works such as the woodworks,

  • Broken walls
  • Plumbing 
  • The switches 
  • Electrical sockets etc.

Even the minor or minor details need to be looked upon including the doors and locks of the house. Once you are done checking and repairing the needed you can move on to other important things.

Renovate the needed

Since you are to move into a new home, make sure you get it repaired and renovated accordingly. You know exactly what you need and how it’s to be done. Get your rooms designed the way you want them to be, personalize your washrooms, get a walk-in closet, more shelves, a different outlook on your kitchen, a new addition to your backyard and the list could go on and on. They say the world is an oyster and your ideas have no limit. You can have your ideas conveyed to professional renovators and get them delivered to you. There are a lot of renovation builders in Sydney who know just the right tricks to deliver you your dream projects. 

Pest control

Surely you don’t wish to live with different kinds of housemates with different little legs and eyes onto them, who spread anything but hygiene and a lot of diseases. Apart from that, they tend to harm the house on different levels. Make sure that you get the pest control done, with all the corners and nooks covered. 

Cleaned and repainted

Now, if it isn’t obvious, cleaning is something that you just cannot miss. Give your house a thorough cleanse before you move into your new home. Once you have given it a thorough cleanse, make sure that you get rid of the chipped paint or the marks on your walls and get them re-painted. You could always go for a colour theme for the various rooms or a single theme for your whole house. 


Moving in and out of the house is a series of distressing times. With an increase in workload and stress about packing and unpacking your stuff, it becomes all the more necessary to get some important work done which is necessary.