The winter season is incoming, which means, now is the time to get your home prepared for the snow, freezing weather and ice storms. A typical home consists of multiple elements that should be taken care of before the winter season arrives, but today, we are going to focus mostly on the home plumbing system.

In this article, we are going to share some crucial tips that you should be following, so that you can prepare your house’s plumbing system before the arrival of the winter season – created in collaboration with plumber in Gold Coast services.  

The Procedures That You Can Follow To Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing System For The Winter Season

  • Draining All The Outdoor Faucets & Plumbing Equipment

In case you have a pipe or faucet lying around outdoors on the lawn or backyard – such as your lawn sprinkler system – be prepared to shut it down. But, before you do so, do remember to drain all the outstanding water inside of them. 

If you let water stay within these pipes or faucets, then such pipes could burst in the winter season because the water will be turned to ice and will take up extra space inside the faucet or pipe. 

  • Try Keeping The Home Warm When You’re Gone

In case you plan to leave your home during the day, night or just go on a vacation – then you should ensure that you keep your thermostat settings to such a temperature that it keeps your house warm. As a result, it would also avoid water inside the plumbing pipes to get frozen up. Make sure that you keep your home temperature within 55 degrees Fahrenheit – because any lower can get your plumbing pipes to get frozen up with water inside of them.

On the contrary, if you feel that you’ll be gone for a while (at least for weeks or months), then be sure to turn OFF the main water supply. Once done, you should drain all the water faucets around your home – both indoors & outdoors. 

  • Perform Plumbing Insulation

If there are pipes present in your basement or attic, ensure that you add insulation to the same. This will prevent them from getting frozen up during the winter season. Even if the pipes are present in the interior of your house, cold weather can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze easily. 

You can obtain pipe insulating materials from your nearby hardware stores and thereby prevent any water from freezing up inside the pipes. The method will only necessitate a few minutes to complete, and the end results will be fully worth the investment.