When you decide to create a warm and inviting space for your home, you definitely need to depend on some savvy interior decor tips & tricks. One of the primary things that your guests will notice when entering your home is the sofa in your living room along with the window treatment. That’s why it’s extremely critical to always coordinate your sofa along with your curtains. 

Your ultimate holy grail should be to make sure that the interior decor looks intentional, balanced and complete. Therefore, to accommodate you with the same, we are sharing some brilliant suggestions on the ways through which you can match your sofa along with your living room curtains. 

The Basics

Before we start our guide, it’s critical to learn that you don’t need to go out and buy a new sofa just to make your interior space look great. The sofa that you already own will do great and by just using the base colour of your sofa, you’ll be able to match your pinch pleat curtains with it. 

The Type Of Curtains You Should Be Using With A Grey Sofa

Let’s start off with one of the most popular sofa colour choices out there – the grey colour. Grey sofas tend to be a great option for homeowners who have pets and kids in their home. This is because grey coloured sofas are always very forgiving when it comes to spills, stains or messes. Grey also offers a fantastic neutral base for your curtains.

In case you want to opt for a monochromatic look, then it’s essential to look for drapes that are slightly in a different shade of grey than the one on your sofa. Some other colours that you can use with your grey sofa for your curtains are baby or muted pinks, lime greens or light yellows. 

Colours that you should avoid:

  • Browns
  • Bright Oranges
  • Bright Reds

The Type Of Curtains You Should Be Using With A Brown Sofa

Another popular sofa colour that you’ll often see in most homes is brown. Brown is almost similar to grey in terms of hiring spills and stains. The good news is that – you can use curtains of various colours with your brown sofa. The most common colour would be white because it’ll create a cosy & warm environment within your interior space. 

If you want to opt for the adventurous route, then opt for blue curtains. Shades such as cobalt blue or navy blue can be a good choice.

Colours that you should avoid:

  • Blacks
  • Greys

And with that last recommendation brings us to the end of our extensive guide. We hope you enjoyed our unique write-up and if you want more suggestions, feel free to contact us.