Sydney, with its lavishness of nature, national parks, valleys, and mountains and valleys have maintained its iconic beauty and is one of the most amazing cities in Australia. Located on the eastern side of the nation, this exquisite city is considered as its cultural capital. Thanks to the highly decipherable sights, including the well-known Sydney Opera House, it is one of the most happening cities of the country. There are multiple day trip opportunities which can give you the scope to both rejuvenate and excavate. If you are a travel freak or want to know about places to visit around Sydney, just scroll down.

Places to visit around Sydney that will surely blow your mind

1. The perfect panoramic coastal views – Palm Beach

If you are in Australia, Palm Beach is a must to visit destination for its scenic coastal views, lovely sunny weather, and its innumerable surfing options. Just 44kms away from Sydney City Centre, it takes an hour to reach by car. If you are looking for relaxation, then nothing can be better than this hotspot. For some adventure, take part in the Pittwater kayaking Tour and follow it up with a cruise on the sparkling waters. 

2. Nature’s Paradise – The Blue Mountains

In Australia, one of the best things to do is to go for the Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney. The mountains got its name because of the blue haze, which mostly lies above them. Since it houses some several thousands of eucalyptus plants which release an aromatic oil very mildly in the air, there is a formation of this haze, which looks mesmerizing. Its 62.4kms away from Sydney City Centre and you can reach there easily by train – the train takes 2 hours, and by car, it’s 1.5 hours ride. Don’t forget to ride the world’s steepest railway, The Three Sisters. And for the more relaxing moments, tour around the Leura Cascades, one of the nascent beaches in Australia. 

3. The vineyard of Australia – Hunter Valley

If you have an exquisite taste for wine, then you must spare yourself a day at Hunter Valley. Hire a chauffeur-driven car for a day and get tipsy at one of the most notable wine-production regions. 130kms from Sydney City Centre, you can either go by roads or by trains. With 150 wineries, this scenic place is a heaven for wine lovers, and it is known for presenting the most exceptional range of Shiraz and Semillon. Satisfy your taste buds by indulging at some of the award-winning restaurants and don’t miss to follow the gourmet trails. A perfect romantic gateway with the love of your life!

4. Mesh of idyllic pools and strings – Mermaid Pools

To cherish the beauty of nature and to immerse in its magic, pay a visit to the Mermaid Pools. It is best defined as a sequence of some idyllic pools and springs entirely fed by rivers which arise from the famous Tahmoor Gorge. This natural water hole is on the Bargo River and is at the beginning of the Tahmoor Gorge which is located somewhere deep inside the midst of the Australian bush. While you to go to visit Mermaid Pools, we highly suggest that you also venture out a bit more and explore the mysterious beauty of Tahmoor Gorge on the Bargo River. The trek through steep rocks makes it a unique attraction for adventure lovers. It’s 100kms from Sydney City Centre and takes around 1hour to reach by road.

5. An unadulterated escape to nature – Kangaroo Valley

Another lovely day outing spot which is sure to attract the people with an affinity towards some good wine. 156kms from Sydney City Centre, it’s an approximately 2 hours’ drive by roads. The valley got its name because it’s gastronomic culture.  To savor the taste of locally made jams, visit the Yarrawa Estate Winery. And we are sure that anyone is bound to be impressed by the Victorian architect of the Hampden Bridge. Spend a day with your partner in the Flavors of the Valley Foodie Trail and enjoy learning the different epicure cooking in Australia.