Fishing never gets out of trend when you are passionate enough to spend your vacation catching some big trawl here and there. To have the best fishing experience with friends and family, one needs to know the right fishing spots. Now, you might not be familiar with all the fishing spots but that doesn’t make you any less deserving for a sunny day of fishing. Read on to know the best fishing spots on the sunshine coast and have a perfect vacation spent in fishing. Also, we have compiled a list of what to keep in the bag before you leave the store, so don’t forget to see that.

  • Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is a deeply built-up area with a huge number of inhabitants. Mooloolaba fishing spots are placed around the Mooloolah Stream and Point Cartwright. Despite the large residents the river, cape, and beaches keep producing healthy fishes which is a good sign to go fishing. Fishing on the Sunshine Coast is classified under 3 individual seasons. Through the year anger can access Dusky, Bream, Whiting, and Whitehead in the brooks. The seashores mainly harvest the odd pelagic and Tarwhine with Dart. Warmer months are the perfect fishing months as the Sunshine Coast Fishing Spots are flooded with the desirable fishes and the creeks are full of small fishes.

  • What to keep in Your Fishing Bag?

Don’t forget to have a pack of fresh baits and fishing rod before you leave offshore. Moreover, keep a set of band-aids, first aid kit, some packets of chips, and your favorite sunglasses. Plus, keep in mind that in the middle of the sea, there will be no protection against direct sun rays; so keep your sunscreen with you. Apart from that, have an extra pair of fishing rods for some unexpected instances and lastly, keep fresh water bottles to drink. Once you leave the seashore, you will not get any chance to charge your phone so keep a portable charger or a battery bank with you in case of an emergency. And your camera is the last thing you would forget!

  • The Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are fared at diverse packages as per the time of fishing and hours spent offshore. However, you should choose one with the best amenities and safety measures to avoid any panic situation. Make sure your fishing boat is equipped with rubber swimmers, life jackets, external power sources, and sturdy design. Also, it is a general thumb rule that nobody goes fishing without Professional Fishing Assistance, so you also stick to that. The main reason behind this is that professionals know the fishing spots and their residuals better than you do.

By having this checklist by your side, you are all set to go for an exciting day enjoying your vacation in fishing.