House painting is never an easy task. It is time-consuming and has to be performed with the utmost care. For best results, DIY should never be advisable, till you are an expert. Professional painters will get the job best done for your home.

Before you hire an expert, you can search for house painters Auckland and collect details from them. Expert residential painting services make use of all techniques that can offer better results within the desired time frame.

Even simple house painting task could be extended to multiple levels. So it is better if experts take care of it.

Well Planning

Experts are aware of the type of task that has to be performed. So they are always well planned ahead of time. If you want to perform DIY, then proper planning is required. You have to decide on multiple factors, before getting started.

You have to select the right grade of paint for your home. It is also important to select the right time of the year when the job needs to be done. Other weather elements have to be considered and choices made accordingly.

Weather Elements

House painting does not mean that you can select any time to get started. The paint is a chemical compound and so it needs perfect temperature and weather conditions. The best time is to paint your home during the summer season.

During the winter or rainy season, the paint may not get dried. Wet paint can easily develop molds and dampness. The ideal temperature is also important which should be between 40 to 70 Deg. C. too low or high temperatures are never supportive.


Before experts get started with house painting task, they will ensure that the surface is ready to be painted with new paint. Old paint and other elements have to be scrapped off. You have to peel off the previous paint coating from the walls.

This will also ensure that all dirt and debris that is accumulated on the walls is removed first. A clean wall is an ideal choice for new paint applications.

Rotten Wood

If the walls have windows and doors, then the wood has to be taken care of in advance. Experts will always ensure that all rotten wood is first treated and removed. If any repairs needed then it has to be done before applying paint.

Sand walls

Even if the old paint job has been peeled, still it is important to sand the walls. Sanding will make the walls smooth and so the paint will last for many years. Quality sandpaper can be used to sand the walls to obtain a smooth finish.

The moment you hire experts they will ensure that your floors and other belongings are safe. All possible precautions have to be made in advance. There is no point in repenting in the later stages.