Believe it or not, but this is a harsh truth that not many people focus on keeping their bathrooms updated and attractive. As a homeowner, its crucial for you to understand that a beautifully decorated and well-functional bathroom alone has the power to become the centre point of attention. That being said, ugly bathrooms never get appreciated so here’s how you can make your bathroom a masterpiece.

  • Stone Surfaces

Surely tiles can be used to add glamour or subtle vibes to the bathroom, but when it comes to surfaces, nothing beats the charm of natural stones. Granite, limestones, and marbles could be some of your choices keeping the colour of the room in mind. To add more texture to the room, you can use such stones for flooring too.

  • Neutral Tones

The colour of your wall paint has a lot to say to about your taste and personality. Opting for subtle nude or neutral tones not only keeps you calm but also magnifies the positivity in your home. Accent walls also look great but only when paired with nude hues. For an enhanced effect, you can also opt for wall tiles along with painted walls to create a look that defines you well.

  • Mirrors all the way

What’s a bathroom without a mirror, right? Choosing the right shape and size of the mirror is crucial to ensure that the mirror complements the overall decor. Either you can go traditional with old school large frame mirrors or enter the new era with chic bathroom mirrors online, which also come with LED lights.

Reinvent your bathroom decor with these uber decor ideas and make your bathroom a thing of beauty for years to come.