Team building activities are responsible for employee motivation, communication and productivity. Many companies spend over billions of dollars on team building events to make and retain stronger teams. Your organisation is as strong as your weakest link, and your team is what makes your organisation, right? This is something which makes it essential for you to ensure that there is no weak link in your company, i.e. every bit of your team is as strong as it can be.

Know your target audience

Your primary approach should be to understand who your target audience is. Know your employees to get an idea as to what team building exercise will be suitable for them. This will help you define the purpose of your event as well. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your employees will make sure that you choose the right exercises to minimise the negative results. Just like before launching a product, you identify your potential customers; before organising a team building event, you need to determine the right set of exercises for your employees.

Set tangible goals

Define the purpose of your event, i.e. why is the team building event organised? Is it shed off stress from their minds or is it to get them comfortable with each other and the organisation? Moreover, put a number on it, i.e. is it a three-four day outdoor event or just a single work away day? Once these questions are answered, get on with the goals of the event. Make sure you set tangible goals so that you can measure the success of each team and the success of your event. This will also guide the exercises and their approach towards them.

Plan corporate away days

Outdoor events are considered better if your employees are working in front of a desk every day while indoor ones are preferred if your employees are working in the field every day. The idea is to change their environment to make sure they realise that they are away from the work environment, and can be stress-free. This will encourage a friendly atmosphere, which will further inspire them to get to know each other outside of work. The team will become stronger if the employees trust each other and are more comfortable with one another. This does not mean that the event needs to last for more than two-three days, however, estimate an effective away day event based on your analysis in the first step.

Ensure meaningful conversation

Team building is all about communicating with one another. Effective communications resolve conflicts, builds trust and encourage productivity. It is the most powerful team building tool, which is why every activity should focus on different styles of communication.

Encourage healthy competition and overall growth

As the leader of the organisation, you should encourage healthy competition among your employees. This is possible only when you teach them how wrong are unfair practices, such as bootlicking. Your team building exercises will make them recognise your stand towards competition, and if you are what you preach, then they will also strive towards it. In the end, it is all about growing as an individual, right? Tell them how being motivated, determined and righteous will help them grow.

Be The Guide They All Expect You To Be

The most significant quality of a leader is to be the torch for his team. You need to guide them to enhance their productivity and keep them motivated towards being ethical and efficient in all aspects of their lives. Earn their trust and respect by being the leader they expect you to be. They look up to you for advice and guidance; don’t disappoint them and lastly, don’t disappoint yourself. These tips will help your employees grow, and you know how they can push your organisation to new heights.