Planning a perfect wedding is everybody’s dream! All of us want to have the most memorable experience on our wedding day. May it be a cosy, intimate function or a huge bash, wedding remains in our memory lanes forever! It’s therefore very important to plan everything perfectly from the beginning to the end for your perfect wedding day. But what if you can’t spend so much money on your big day, or don’t want to spend so much on the event? It then gets pretty tricky to save on the expenses and plan your big day without any compromise in the minimum possible budget. You may perhaps then have to choose between getting that giant letters for hire in Melbourne to create a personalised blingy venue décor or a perfect menu complete with caviar and champagne. Or do you have to? Planning an important event like wedding and that too with the least possible expenditure can be tricky, unless you know a few hacks that would make your budget wedding seem to be the big fat event of the year.

How To Plan A Wedding On A Small Budget

In the tug of war between choosing the options that could make your wedding glorious to managing the finances, let’s find out those factors which can help you balance both:

  • Practical Guest List — It isn’t important for the whole city to attend your wedding function. You can prepare a guest list of the people who are close to you, know you well or would be happy in your happiness. A concise guest list can be the start of planning a practical wedding.
  • Select the Best Season —Did you know planning your wedding as per the season also lets you save a lot of money? How? Well, if you avoid the rainy and snowy season, you won’t have to shed extra money for the arrangements of a covered venue. A spring or mid-summer wedding lets nature and its flora and fauna glam up the venue without adding to your expenses!
  • Use Natural Decorations — Decorations in a marriage function can cost you beyond the practical limits. It’s always best to glamorise the place with lots of natural resources like different types of flowers, leaves, creepers, etc. This would not only help you save your finances, but will also give your wedding a fresh look. Also, since you are just dealing with the natural options, you (along with your friends) can do the decorations too. Preferring a day wedding (than evening) can save some money on lighting.
  • Save in Music and Bands — Music is important for a pleasant wedding function. No reception is complete without a dance! But when you don’t want to spend loads in hiring a galant band for the same, why not go for some good and cheap DJs in Melbourne? Party Hire Productions provide you with some excellent arrangements of a mind-blowing DJ service that will add life to your wedding function. You can actually dance your heart out on your big day, have your guests entertained all through (and won’t even have to stress about the high bills after it)!
  • Don’t Go for the Brands — When you have to wear your wedding dress just for some hours, why spend almost four times the money in buying it from a branded store? You can always get some amazing wedding dress designs downloaded from Pinterest and get it made by your local tailor. You will definitely look wonderful in that attire without the tag of the famous brand on it, and plus you’ll save thousands in this way.
  • DIY — The Internet is filled with enormous DIY options available for babies to brides and grooms. You can try your own hairstyle, grooming, make-up, styling, etc through the lessons imparted by these videos and get ready for your grand function on your own. You wouldn’t just save a lot this way, but would also be able to choose from the various looks you tried. (which you can’t do always when you book a professional for the job). Oh, even DIY mode lets you skip the big fat fees of a wedding planner – straight savings!
  • Decent Set Menu —Wastage of food is a sin. So, it’s better to plan a crisp menu. Just a set a decent menu that’s delicious – and that should be enough to make your guests go back home happy and satisfied. Make sure you choose your caterer with care, and taste that food before finalising the menu and booking them.
  • Ask for Discounts— When you are planning a wedding, it’s understood that you are dealing with lots of opportunities for the various service providers. You can always ask for discounts on the services they provide. You can promise them to refer to your guests if the services are impeccable and discounts are generous!

These are some of the ways in which you can plan the best wedding by spending very little amount of your hard-earned money. Just a little bit of creativity and some effort from your side, and you’ll save loads without compromising on the fun factor on your big day!