There are only a very few people who want their wedding to be a quiet and an extremely private affair. For most of us, the picture of a perfect wedding that we have in our head ever since we were children, is just the opposite! Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment, and we want to celebrate it with much pomp, and nothing less will suffice. We want everything to look perfect on the big day to the extent that other people draw inspiration from it!

Now, all of you must have heard about the big fat Greek wedding, but nothing can beat an Indian wedding which is a five to six days event filled with fun, joy, galore and complete madness! If your Indian wedding is just around the corner, then you might start thinking about your mehndi décor hire. Dynamic Roadshow offers the best wedding and DJ entertainment services in the UK. They have more than a decade’s experience in wedding management, entertainment and décor. You can get rid of a whole lot of burden just by hiring them, as they provide a large number of services, all at once.

Ideas for Mandap décor

Indian weddings can be really stressful, as you have to worry about making arrangements not just for one day, but about five whole days! Planning out every little thing to perfection for so many days can be quite challenging. So, it is always advisable to start out early, and get help from professionals. The professionals will make sure that everything, starting from Mandap hire to the reception hall, looks dreamy and perfect. It will always take a huge load off your shoulders. Here are a few trending Mandap ideas for your wedding:

  • By the edge: Have you thought about having pheras by the edge? It is as crazy as it sounds, but also extremely beautiful. You can ask the décor team to select a resort where there will be a beautiful cliff overlooking the sea, and have your mandap built there! If the bride and the groom are adrenaline junkies, and love adventure, then this is the perfect setting for them. What can be better than taking vows in front of the God of Fire and starting a new journey on the edge?!
  • Rose canopy: Red bright roses never go out of style. They always offer that vintage, classy yet dreamy look to any given space. Imagine having a huge canopy made out of lush red roses on the mandap on your big day. There is no doubt on how stunning it will look. Moreover, red is an auspicious colour in the Hindu weddings — so the red roses will tick multiple boxes at once. To accelerate the drama, you can get some golden streamers and latkans to hang from all the sides of the mandap.
  • White elegance: Nothing can beat the sophistication and sheer elegance of a clean white set up. This is the perfect setting for a minimalist couple, or if you are having the wedding in the daytime, or on a starry moonlit night. It would be nothing less than magic! Moreover, if your outfit is super colourful, then a cool white background will make sure that it pops more, and will prevent you from getting lost into the decorative background. The white canopy with ivory carnations and delicate pearl coloured roses will redefine serenity and class on your wedding day.
  • Lotus pond: Do you want something extravagant, and completely out of the box? Then the lotus pond mandap against the blazing sky of dusk will be the perfect set-up for you. In this setting, the mandap will be set up in the middle of a lotus pond of the resort, and the mandap itself can be in the shape of a blooming lotus with an aisle of water decorated with numerous floating candles and lotuses.

These are the few mandap ideas from which you can take inspiration for your own wedding. The mandap is the place where all the crucial wedding rituals take place, so having a beautiful mandap will ensure beautiful memories and pictures as well.