The current health crisis has made everyday living a whole lot harder than it usually is. All of a sudden, a trip to the grocery store becomes a significant and possibly life-changing experience. 

So, if you have to move house while COVID-19 has the world in its grasp, you may find that it’s a stressful undertaking. Still, there are ways to make it easier. While you’re packing boxes, take note of the tips below. 

Be Financially Ready

It can be stressful enough moving house in a pandemic, let alone if you have to worry about money on top of it all. Expenses can add up fast when you’re on the move, so it might be a good idea to look at low interest loan providers. By getting a loan, you can cover all those essential moving costs, then spread out the payments into affordable, bite-sized repayments. 

Use New Packaging and Boxes

If it wasn’t challenging enough to move during an “average” year, it’s even more difficult now thanks to the pandemic. This virus is unpredictable, so it’s crucial that you take every precaution. This starts with the packaging and boxes you use. 

COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for a surprisingly long time. For example, it can remain on shipping boxes for 24 hours, and paper for anywhere from a few minutes to five days. It might not be convenient or cost-effective to buy new packing materials, but it’s a measure that could save your life. 

Stay Up-to-date with Travel Restrictions

Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or out of state altogether, it’s essential to look for any mention of travel restrictions. Moving house is, in most places, classed as an essential undertaking. However, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re safe to proceed. 

Make sure you’ve got permission to move between towns, cities, and states. Then, while you’re traveling, protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, avoiding close contact, and washing your hands regularly. 

Keep Your Circle Small

Moving can demand the assistance of several helping hands, including professional businesses. However, if you can keep your circle small, you may be able to reduce the risks associated with moving during a pandemic. 

Refuse help from high-risk people, such as elderly relatives or those with conditions like diabetes. Look into the companies you’re considering to ensure that they’re abiding by all health and safety regulations.   

Delay the Move If You’re Sick

Whether you’ve got a slight sniffle, a stomach ache, or even a sore throat, it’s crucial that you delay your move. While it might only be a common cold, there’s every reason to treat it like it isn’t. Bunker down in your home, seek a COVID-19 test, and only move once you’ve received the all-clear, and you’re feeling better. 

Limit Stops

Depending on where you’re moving to, you may need to make several stops along the way for food and fuel. Given the current global situation, keeping those stops to a minimum is in your best interests. 

Pack homemade snacks for the road, and stop at food service places that allow for contactless pickup. When using a fuel pump, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with either sanitizer or soap and water once you hang it up. 

Traveling and moving house during a coronavirus pandemic is going to take a lot more planning and care. However, by paying attention to every little detail, you may be able to limit your family’s exposure to COVID-19. You can then arrive at your new home safely and in good health.