With summers knocking at the door, have you brought the boat out its hibernation? And Ready to pack your bags and set sailing?  We have shared a list of boat parts and accessories some of which are required for your safety and some will surely catch a proper amount of attention. So, get going and purchase the unique, contemporary boat accessories and be prepared for relaxed cruising.

Boating Accessories

Towable Water Tubes

There are different types of tow tubes, in diverse price range, but never compromise on the quality. The cheaper ones won’t last long, eventually causing you to spend more money. Booster balls can increase the fun of tow tubes by helping to keep the rope out of the water while towing the tube. You surely won’t be going out alone on boating always, so be prepared for towing with more than one person. But, also remember that towing with multiple passengers can be risky and increases the chance of getting tossed into each other. Also, check that the knuckle guards, which helps in holding to the tube, are present.

Waterproof Camera and Speaker

Water and photography go hand in hand, and serenity is accompanied with songs it creates enigma. So, remember to pack your camera and speaker. Invest some extra dollars and purchase excellent quality waterproof speakers and camera, because when on water, you cannot keep your belongings entirely away from it in spite of extreme effort. Also, carry a solar charger so that you never run out of charge. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can quickly get the one you are looking for without too much trouble. Some are sufficient for charging phones, but others have the ability to charge even your a car’s battery.

Safety kit

Safety kit is a necessity when you are on the boat and away from the locality. Have a kit in your boat, and every time before you sail, make sure that everything is in place. You can either purchase a safety kit or prepare it yourself with the below-mentioned supplies. Make sure that they are correctly charged and in functional condition. 

  • Life jacket for each of the potential passengers and it should be apt for their body weight.
  • Flashlight and flashgun are working correctly.
  • Fire extinguishers are in place, and they are correctly charged.
  • Semi-enclosed and enclosed areas must have at least one carbon monoxide detector.
  • Have an EPIRB or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon device in your vessel. It becomes helpful in case you are in trouble and need help.
  • Extra pair of clothes.
  • Regular medicines.
  • Any specific medicines prescribed by your doctor.
  • Some extra water and food always come handy.

Boat Shoes

In case it is not yet in your list, make sure to add it. Unlike slippers, and flip-flops boat shoes will keep your feet more protected. Some people like to go barefoot, but that also increases the chances of cuts, and why would you want to get it when you can get trendy, comfortable boat shoes in a reasonable price range? They are no more bulky, painful pieces of rubber-like they used to be. Additionally, boat shoes are more functional than the usual boots and sandals, and they are more breathable and robust than they had been.

GPS and Fish Finder

Who would want to get lost in the waters. Even the newest boat rider will know the importance of a GPS tracker. But, do you know your marine GPS is not only great for navigation, but you can use it for geocaching and fish finding? If you have an old one, then you might not enjoy the mentioned benefits. Moreover, the technology of these trackers have also advanced to a great extent, and they have much more accurate in recent years.

Don’t Forget Fun and Entertainment

  • Water guns are great not only for kids but also for adults, so get a few water guns on your boat. 
  • Buy a silly-looking inflatable swan or some other fun floats and add to your fun while catching a few gazes.