They mean different things to different people, don’t they? For me, it’s all about getting stuck into some good books – trashy chick lit is a must – spending a lot of time sunbathing by the pool and on the beach, and eating a lot of good food. Natch. I’m currently writing this on my phone at the airport ( the shops aren’t the best) as our flight has been delayed. Boohoo. It’d be easy to blame this on my dad for picking a budget airline (oh to fly somewhere, ANYWHERE, first class!), but realistically all flights get delayed sometimes, don’t they? And there’s nothing we can do about it. So I figured, why not take a break from people-watching and run down my iPhone battery by powing out a blog post? We’ve had some seriously summery weather here in the UK over the last week or so – I kid you not, I’m already as tanned as I usually am at the end of a fortnight’s summer holiday, so I’m expecting to be fully black upon my return in a couple of weeks. Don’t let me down, Portugal.

Despite England delivering on the sun front of late, it’s still not quite the same as going away, is it? I mean, I love the British summer: Pimm’s and picnics, beach huts and BBQs, Wimbledon and Mr Whippys. It’s fantastic. Yet, going abroad is just that little bit better somehow. Of course I know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to go away, and I count my blessings and thank my parents for taking us. Love a good fam hol. When you’re on summer holiday, it’s somehow so much easier to relax. You get into a completely different rhythm and routine, and you can almost forget about all the stress of your life back home. Should you have any stress, that is. I don’t have much to be honest, but still. I have to admit though that I’m not one of those people who goes on holiday and wants to “get away from it all”, meaning they switch off from technology, Internet and the world. It’s a nice idea but I know I just couldn’t cope. I’ve been getting twitchy being unable to connect to the airport wifi for goodness’ sake.

The prospect of not having wifi where we’re staying for the second half of this vacay is, quite frankly, just annoying. How am i going to tweet, snapchat, blog, check-in on facebook and make my  friends at home jealous?! Huh?! I hope I’ll be able to keep blogging over the next two weeks, but please forgive me if I have Internet issues or am just too busy. Ok, “busy” was not the right choice of words. Obviously I’m not going to be busy, but I may be preoccupied swimming in the sea, browsing market stalls or drinking cocktails. Sorry. But for now, I’ve got a ridiculously huge suitcase full of books and bikinis, a handbag full of mags and plane snacks (which we’re obviously going to get through at the airport while we wait), and I can’t wait to get away. It’s cliché, but I am so ready for sunshine, golden sandy beaches, bright blue waves, and an awful lot of ice cream. If our plane ever arrives, that is.