Portrait photography is one the most popular styles of photography in recent times, and one of the main reasons why some people pick up a camera for the first time. Portraits are all about capturing the look, essence, and personality of the subject. They can either be more posed and formal, or they can be on the candid side. You can click a portrait photo of anyone, be it an individual, a couple, a group of people, or even pets. Though the concept of portrait photography may seem to be quite simple and straightforward, they can turn out to be quite difficult.

Taking a good portrait needs a photographer who has a good sense of lighting, and knows how to get his/ her subject posed, and the kind of expressions which shall express the personality of his/ her subject the best. The main skill set definitely comes with time, experience, and practise. But apart from that, there are certain tips, tricks, and techniques that help to make the journey of the portrait photographer better. These tips are well-known and put to use by any professional portrait photographer in Leeds like Photography Works offer. They have a team of experienced photographers and videographers who make sure to deliver tons of stunning snapshots at affordable prices without compromising on the quality.

Portrait Photography Tips 

Portrait photography is the act of capturing the subject in a photograph. Though that technical definition is correct in its own sense, portrait photography is a lot more than just clicking pictures of people. Any great professional photographer in Leeds might know that great portrait photography comes from the successful combo of the right technique and the subject’s expression. The technique covers all the factors like correct lenses, angles, settings, lighting, backdrops etc. while the latter includes a stunning and emotive snapshot which captures the attention of the viewer and evokes his/her feelings.

  • Right lens: Needless to say, one of the most important things to get right is the type of lens. You could choose from a variety of types, depending on what your requirement is. 35 mm lenses are perfect if you are going for an environmental portrait and plan to include some scenery in the shot. 50-85 mm lenses are good if you are seeking mid-range options while 135 mm lenses are great for zooming in on your subject.
  • Focus on eyes: Though, most portrait photography blogs will be telling you to focus on the entire subject, do know that eyes are the hero of the photo. Regardless of how much your subject wants to be in focus, the most crucial feature to capture right and sharp is the eyes. When you are choosing the focus point, you need to centre it on the eyes.
  • Correct light: Just like in every other genre of photography, light plays a crucial role when you are taking portrait photos. If your light isn’t appropriate, your photos won’t come out great either. If you are going for an outdoor shot, the light just after sunrise and just after sunset is the warmest and softest. And in cases when you have no option but to shoot midday, make sure to face your subject away from the sun or in some shade.
  • Same level: Now, a pro tip when shooting kids or pets is to get on the same level as them. You should get down so that you are at eye level with your subjects. Doing this, your photos will have a more natural touch and a flattering angle on the subject.
  • Flash tricks: Using flash can be quite tricky but helps you to have more control over the lighting. If you are shooting in bright, mid-day light, you can point the flash directly at the subject. But, in case you are shooting indoors, you should let the flash bounce off a wall or the ceiling and use it indirectly on the subject.

So, these were some of the many tips and techniques that you need to keep in mind while engaging in portrait photography. Make sure to keep your subjects comfortable, and in their natural mood for the best expressions and photos that will leave an everlasting impact.