Spring is upon us! Well, that’s what we’re being told by the fashion world. Mother Nature, on the other hand, can’t seem to make her mind up quite yet. But I am seriously craving some Spring time retail therapy to snap up the new collections and trends, whether I’ll get the chance to wear any purchases in the near future here in temperamental England or not. Every Spring we see a resurgence of florals, nautical and brighter colours. I suppose it’s only natural.

Here Are The Items I’m Currently On The Lookout For:

Now I’m not sure where this desire has come from, but I’m really craving some tan penny loafers. It seems random as I can’t even remember seeing them in a mag/on a celeb/on a friend, but I suppose fashion is fickle like that, isn’t it? These beauts above are £65 from Office (or £59.50 if you can get a cheeky student discount! Score!), and perfectly tick the box. I love the tassle, holey details and solid heel. Preppy, geek, granny chic at its best. Next on my wish list is a pair of acid wash, distressed skinny jeans, somewhat like the pair above from River Island. These lovelies, as you can see, are currently only £33.74 due to there being a sweet 25% during what is apparently “Denim Week”. (Who knew?) I find it difficult to find a good-fitting pair of jeans, because, well, my legs are pretty skinny (don’t hate me!) and thus even skinny jeans end up sagging in the wrong places. I’ve never had a pair from River Island, but they offer sizes 6-18 and three different lengths, so it looks promising!

How gorge are these!? I would really like some neutral, chunky, day-time heels, and these ones from ALDO may just fit the bill! They have a certain Spring-time feel, don’t they? I can just imagine myself strolling down the high street in the sunshine, complete with a floppy hat, floaty dress and sunnies. Bring on Summer, eh? Well actually, I’m pretty tall, so don’t really wear heels on a day-to-day basis, but I like the idea of them. These cuties are a bit of a stretch for most students at £70, but I reckon they’ll go with everything… and I’ve decided I really want them now! Better start saving. So until I can go shopping (roll on this weekend), I shall continue browsing online and tormenting myself. Why don’t I just shop online, you ask? Well, I just don’t like it. Extra postage costs, and not knowing if something really fits my body type distresses me. Old-fashioned? Maybe so, but hey. Here’s to Spring!