Before you tie the knot and welcome your married life with open arms, take a step back and look at all the moments which helped you find this special someone. There will be millions of memories that you have already shared with your spouse-to-be, and undoubtedly you are all set to make more. Pre-wedding photography shoot is a beautiful way to honour your last days in singlehood while you prepare yourself to hold your partner’s hand for life. Before you make the final call, read on the following post and better your understanding about pre-wedding shoots.

Various themes at your disposal

1. Casual

The whole point of having a casual shoot is to be yourself. The limelight will not be on your fancy clothes, makeup, hairstyles or accessories, but it will be on your emotions and love for each other. You can relive some special moments from the past by re-enacting them or make new ones by doing what you love, being together. Keep the clothes casual as well such as a simple dress and t-shirt or shirt with shots to fit in the mood.

2. Royal

Royal is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you think it’s the right theme for you, then be ready to enjoy glamour and love in a whole different style. While the photographer will depict your love story with every photo, the clothes, jewellery, makeup, hair and props might steal the show. The plus point is that with this theme, you get to wear gorgeous dresses and show your inner diva while your partner matches your charm with his charismatic looks.

3. Traditional

There are still many couples around the world who are close to their roots and enjoy their tradition which brings us to this theme. You get to adorn your traditional attires and show your love for each other while adhering to the traditions and customs of your rich heritage. Some of the most popular traditional wedding shoots hail from India, Indonesia, Japan and Scotland.

4. Fancy and Fantasy

This is a popular theme which gives you the privilege to choose anything. With fancy themes, you can fulfil your fantasies and live in a fiction world with your beloved where there is nothing beyond love. Work on your theme for props and dresses along with colours, backdrops and more so the pictures are always incredible.

Things you need to consider well

1. Location

Everything starts with a theme, and the next thing which comes is the location. It is essential to find an apt spot which has everything you need and seems perfect for the shoot.

2. Outfits

Once you are done with the theme and the location, it’s time to think about the outfits. Surrey wedding photographer Nigel Chapman Photography suggests that not many couples realise this earlier, but ones the pictures are out, they understand why choosing the right clothes is essential. Match your outfits and accessories with your theme for a perfect shoot.

3. Makeup and hair

With outfits in place, focus on the kind of makeup and hair that you want for the shoot day. Select your stylists carefully since you don’t want to look like a clown for such an important event. Also, makeup differs from theme-to-theme. The makeup for casual makeup should be light and casual, but for royal, it should be heavy on the eyes with a flawless base.

4. Props

Whether it’s a few written notes or backdrop, props should be in the right place. With the right props, you will be able to tell your story effortlessly which makes it a necessary accessory. All the internet savvy people who have been researching on pre-wedding shoots and stumbled upon this post, make sure that you use this information to your benefit and have a jaw-dropping shoot which you will cherish for a lifetime.