If you want a timeless yet trendy design, there’s nothing better than opting for a monochromatic kitchen look. Still, it’s much more difficult to nail the monochromatic look compared to other styles out there. The challenge here is to keep your all-white kitchen from looking boring while searching for that perfect shade of grey to match your cabinets, along with a countertop that fits the overall look. 

Despite all the complexities, in case you adore the monochromatic look, then you pursue such a trend. The following are some of the top tips that you can follow to nail that monochromatic look.

Suggestions To Create A Perfect Monochromatic Look For Your Kitchen

  1. You Don’t Have To Opt For Precise Colour Matches

According to a professional service provider for kitchen renovations in Auckland, one of the major mistakes that you can make when creating a monochromatic kitchen look is to match everything with the same colour shade. Trying to match the countertops, cabinets and the floor – all in the same colour can be quite stressful indeed. Moreover, you’d not be able to achieve the look that you were hoping for, in the beginning.  

Just try to imagine your kitchen with just one solid colour – it will look overwhelming and boring at the same time. But, if you can incorporate slight variations in the colour shades, then you can make your monochromatic kitchen look very appealing. 

  1. Opt For Same Colour But In Different Shades Or Tones

Start your journey with a specific colour choice and then you should look for shades that are slight variations of your primary colour choice. For example, you can choose the same colour for your countertops and cabinets – however, the shades should be different. For instance, you can choose dark grey for the countertops and then medium grey for the cabinets, or vice-versa. 

The different shades should be subtle so that each of them goes along with the other. 

  1. Don’t Forget To Add Some Natural Wood

If you want the best way to break up a single colour look, then there’s no better way to do the same than opting for natural wood. For instance, you can add natural wood to your oven and cabinet frames. The wooden colour will add some appealing look to the monochromatic style that you’re opting for while also providing a much-needed contrast to the white-black combo. 

  1. Opt For Contrasting Floor & Wall Colour Choices

The only way that you can avoid your all-white kitchen cabinets and countertops from being overwhelming is by adding some touch of colour. For example, you can go ahead with colourful blue backsplash tiles and light natural wood coloured floors. 

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