Marriage is a new chapter in the book of life! Creating one’s first marital home involves a lot of hope, emotion and love. You obviously want everything new, and as lovely as your newfound love and relationship. The journey that you two are commencing together should also have a home to provide you the perfect backdrop for the same. Whether you continue living in your bachelor pad (of course, after making some décor changes!), or take a new place entirely, the joy of entering a home as a couple after marriage is always special.

Whether you are doing up your existing place in a new way to welcome your spouse, or imbibing life to a brand new blank canvas; whether you want the décor to be an absolute surprise for the love of your life, or you want to share the joy of designing and decorating with your spouse, adding a personal touch to your pad and making it your own as a couple is something you would thoroughly enjoy!  After all, home is where you’ll create magnificent memories together, that you’ll be cherishing for a lifetime!

How to create a phenomenal home to start a new journey of life in it?   

When it comes to creating a cosy yet elegant space for the two of you to share ever after, you should leave no stone unturned Let’s read about the ways in which you can create your love nest within your existing home, making it  more awesome for you after your marriage:

  • Romantic bedroom —  As a newly married couple,  the very first part of your home that gets the maximum attention is the bedroom! You surely would want that ultra-romantic décor for your bedroom, that keeps the charisma in your marriage alive. Place a beautiful, large bed with luxurious bedding/ Choose a classic colour for your furniture, but add drama and pizzazz with the curtains and cushions. Soft hues on the walls, some naughty décor pieces (like a bright red flower vase or planter in the shape of lips, or a sculpture of a cute cuddling couple), some serene artwork – and your room would be ready to welcome you with warm embrace.  Finish it off with a nice big rug at the foot of the bed, and a large canvas print of your wedding photos placed strategically on a tripod for that artsy feel.
  • Clean the place crazy — If you already own a beautiful home, and just had it recently renovated, you’ll obviously need a deep cleaning of the place. Get the professionals for cleaning the kitchen thoroughly, have the exterior of the house and the roof pressure-washed, the landscape tended to. Go for carpet cleaning service in Canberra from Blue Cleaning Group to get your carpets cleaned deeply. Their professionals offer great services and get the mojo back to your home. With the home cleaned to its core, it would look all the more welcoming and fresher for that happy vibe.
  • Bathroom matters so much — Post wedding, after your bedroom, your royal bath holds much importance. Are you giving it the desired attention? Get the grout of the tiles cleaned to shine unless of course you decide to replace them altogether. Place a new luxurious bath or build a glass shower area. Install his and her washbasin for combating the mad rush in the morning without fighting with each other to take turns. Add some stylish showpieces and plants, rope in some plush robes and towels, finish off with a sexy shower curtain – and you are good to enjoy the space together.
  • The living room should be happy too — You obviously won’t spend the entire day and night in your bedroom (though you’d perhaps love to!) A living room is where you would entertain your friends and family as a couple. This space is what would create the first impression of your household. Choose the latest textures of paint or a wonderful wallpapers to create a magical backdrop. And of course, as you are just back from honeymoon, you would be having some treasures picked up from your trip — place them on the coffee table or nesting table for personalised accessorising. And unless you are trying to create a very formal ambiance here, you can go for a focal wall full of framed wedding and honeymoon photos. And even if you are going for that very formal look, a couple portrait would beautifully fit in.
  • Modern kitchen can make life simple— As you have just taken so many days off from work due to the wedding (and honeymoon!), you obviously don’t have much time to spend on cooking and doing dishes. But daily restaurant dates may wear you out too. Keeping this in mind, build a kitchen that’s compact, yet has all the facilities you need. Get the latest electrical appliances to make your work easy – like, food processor, the latest microwave oven, hob and chimney etc.

You may roll the buck more. You can also paint the exterior to give the home an entirely new look, and even get the front-door polished. Also, don’t forget to make a new nameplate with both  your names carved attractively on it. With all these done, your home is as ready as both of you for your beautiful life ever after.